Boudoir Myth #1: I am not enough |

Boudoir Myth #1: I am not enough

Boudoir Myth: I am not ______ enough to do a session.

I’m not sexy enough.

I’m not skinny enough.

I’m not outgoing enough.

I’m just not confident enough.

Girl, you’re not alone. We all have that internal dialogue threatening to steal incredible experiences from us. Maybe you’ve been letting that voice win…

Here’s the deal: YOU ARE ENOUGH. Just as you are today.

Even if you’re 10lbs heavier than you’ve ever been.

Even if you’re shy.

Even if you haven’t felt sexy since before you had children.

Even if you aren’t married or in a relationship or have any other arbitrary reason not to open yourself up to this self love experience.

What if I told you we could prove the little voice in your head is DEAD WRONG? What if I told you that this experience will prove that you’re just as beautiful as you’ve ever been? That you don’t have to be bubbly and outgoing to be worthy of taking up space in this world? That the body that carried human life is worthy of love and admiration?

It’s time. Time to take back your power and realize your value. To quiet those voices and regain your confidence. You are enough. And this experience was created specifically for women just like you.

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