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Celebrate Your Body with a WMNKND Boudoir Experience

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Why did you choose to do a boudoir session?

When I was 18 I wanted to be a model, specifically for lingerie like Victoria’s Secret, and did a boudoir shoot that ended up being a creepy guy with a camera and the aftermath of receiving photos I didn’t like and the overall grossness of that experience left me with a lot of shame. The photos were paired with an article that went viral and I received a lot of feedback on my body, and especially the poor styling and quality of photos due to the lack of direction from the photographer, and was just overwhelmingly NOT what I wanted.

I finally did a boudoir session earlier this year and loved my photos, but I was SO nervous about hating them again that I was a nervous wreck the entire time and couldn’t enjoy it. I chose to book with WMNKND because I wanted a day to relax, pamper myself, and celebrate my body without shame or reservation.

What were your biggest concerns about your boudoir session?

I was nervous about being insecure again. I was so stressed my first time back doing boudoir that my faces were very forced and I was hesitant to loosen up and really get comfortable, and some of that showed. I was worried that was going to happen again.

Ultimately, why did you choose WMNKND?

WMNKND’s model call was reposted by Tay from Good Bodies – I respect the hell out of her and trust anyone she puts a stamp of approval on! The photos I saw were gorgeous, the studio and client closet all were spot on with the styles I like, and the option of the wings really sparked that 18 year old in me who wanted to be a model. The model call especially spoke to me because 1) I experienced some financial hardships due to covid so the reduced price and discounts on products REALLY helped me out and 2) I knew I wanted to share the photos, which especially pushed me to let loose and trust myself and you! You wouldn’t want to publish photos that aren’t good, so I knew I’d be in good hands.

Describe your experience with the WMNKND team.

The WMNKND team made me feel better about myself than I ever have. From the second I walked in, Mikaela and Kelsey were blasting 90s throwback music and we were all singing and dancing along throughout the whole shoot. They are the easiest people to talk to and get along with. Kelsey asked a few questions about my makeup preferences and she absolutely NAILED IT – I didn’t want to overstep and give her too much direction but she did EXACTLY what I had in mind and suggested the perfect lip color that I’ll be wearing the rest of my life. Kelsey was also an awesome hype woman throughout, hyping me up everytime I changed or adjusted poses and suggesting poses or angles we may have missed. Mikaela was the best possible coach I could have had and made feeling sexy so effortless – I was nervous about overthinking again and ending up with tense faces or insecurity showing through, but she made sure that I knew exactly what to do and had the perfect advice for achieving every facial expression.

At one point, Mikaela took a photo and SCREAMED, showed Kelsey who then SCREAMED, then showed me AND I SCREAMED! She had taken the most effortlessly perfect picture and all three of us instantly had the same reaction – I almost cried in the middle of the shoot!

Mikaela also just has an eye for the right shot. She knows how to have you move so that the final still result is a masterpiece. She sets you up with a starting pose that works, but also gives you different movements and breathwork to do to allow you freedom to play and get more natural photos. One of my problems previously was getting locked into one pose and face that maybe wasn’t working or felt forced. Mikaela coached me to have fun and let loose so the resulting photos not only felt natural and candid, WAY more of my personality came out! The team kept complimenting not just my beauty or outfits, but my personality and overall vibe, and that made the whole experience feel so comfortable and validating, like we were all just friends hanging out and there was no pressure at all.

After the shoot Kelsey gave me a massage and it was incredible. No other feedback — it was so relaxing I almost fell asleep!

Has anything changed since your session?

I have been riding the confidence high from this session ever since! Seeing the photos the same day was way better than waiting weeks – I got to walk away knowing I looked like a bombshell and have been carrying myself as one ever since.

Any advice for others considering their own boudoir session?

DO IT! You deserve to see your body as art and the WMNKND team will help you accomplish that and support you every step of the way.

Take the pre-shoot tips seriously! The reminders for a month, week, and day out to take care of things like shaving, exfoliating, painting nails, touching up hair, etc. helped me make sure I wasn’t rushing the morning of or worrying about stray hairs or ugly nails. I pampered myself for a week, tried on outfits and packed everything the night before, and was able to just wake up and stroll in to being made up and celebrated. It helped the whole experience feel luxurious and relaxing, I got to treat myself!

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