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Floral Robe Vibes Kansas City Boudoir

This woman is just as beautiful on the inside as she on the outside. She’s dedicated her career to helping others. And fun fact: she was also my neighbor growing up. I’ve been watching her post empowering memes and quotes on her instagram stories for a while and was stoked to get her into the studio. I’m totally here for the self love journey she’s on and can’t wait to see how she empowers others!

Why did you choose to do a boudoir session?

“I thought it would be a unique experience and help me get out of my comfort zone.”

What were your biggest concerns about your boudoir session?

“Being basically nude in front of a camera.”

Ultimately, why did you choose WMNKND Boudoir?

“I’ve known Mikaela for a long time and when I saw what her company was about I loved it!”

Describe your personal experience working with the WMNKND team.

“Mikaela is awesome. She made the experience very comfortable and was the ultimate hype woman.”

Any advice for others considering their own boudoir session?

“I highly encouraged it. I felt so beautiful after doing it and even texted my boyfriend telling him how sexy it made me feel.”

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