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Her Own Biggest Fan: Boudoir and Self Love With Trans Woman Landon Patterson

Landon, AKA Lana Luxx, came into the studio for her very own self love experience. She brought a variety of outfits including a couple of the costumes she wears during her performances at Hamburger Mary’s in downtown Kansas City. Landon’s commitment and courage to be her most authentic self has inspired me ever since she won Homecoming Queen at her high school. For someone so young to set their mind to living for themself and not in fear of what society has deemed status quo- that’s incredible. I knew she had some wisdom to share about boudoir and body image as well as accepting yourself. And being the amazing role model, transparent, supportive woman that she is, she was happy to share a few of her personal experiences with those topics along with her fire boudoir photos.

What does self love mean to you?

Self love is something so valuable and crucial to me. When people think negatively of you it can hurt, but when you think negatively of yourself and don’t give your self the love you deserve it can consume you. Which becomes way more damaging and unbearable at times. I’m still on a constant journey of self love. Some days are easier and some days are harder. The most important thing is when I lift myself up and give myself love that is truly when I feel my best. Self love is something that feels different than any other love- and it’s amazing. 

What benefits do you see in doing a boudoir session?

Boudoir shoots truly have so many benefits. For me, it ties into that self love category. When doing a boudoir shoot I always go in to it excited to feel GORGEOUS. It’s honestly a great confidence booster. Even though there are things about my body I’m not always confident about, doing a boudoir shoot really makes me love my body more. Nothing is better than seeing those final photos and feeling invincible!

What was your experience like with WMNKND?

My experience with WMNKND was amazing!! Mikaela made me feel one hundred percent comfortable and beautiful. She was very helpful with showing me how to do certain poses and constantly hyping me up! She made me feel like a total bombshell! I also loved how her set was so versatile! Especially the giant wings!

What has helped you to love yourself?

Honestly what  has helped me love myself is actually those dark moments of not liking myself… Those feelings suck and I don’t want feel like that. So I try to be selfish and be my own biggest fan. Whether that’s splurging on makeup and clothes, doing a boudoir shoot, or just hyping myself up. I always try to make time to love myself. As well as having a solid group of people around you always helps!

transgender woman boudoir

Who inspires you to be yourself?

There are so many that come to mind but I always go back to the strong and powerful trans woman I see in media! They are always so strong, proud, and public about who they are! It really is inspiring!

What advice would you give another womxn working on loving herself/her body?

There is only ONE of YOU. You are unique and you are special. That is definitely worth celebrating! Some days will be hard but those good days are the best! So always strive for them!

What advice would you give 12 year old you about self acceptance?

12 year old boy was scared to truly be themselves. I was a little boy who was scared to truly live their truth based on others opinions. I would tell them that you know your truth and it’s exactly what makes you beautiful. You have the power to live as the beautiful WOMAN you are. Own it! You’ll love yourself for it! 

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