Discover the transformative power of WMNKND Boudoir's affirmation card deck. Embrace self-love and self-care with our beautifully crafted collection of affirmation cards. Each deck is designed to inspire and uplift, providing a daily reminder to prioritize your well-being. Unlock your inner strength and positivity with our self-love affirmation cards.

Do you wish you were more confident in who you are?

Do you want to improve your body image?


Or that you didn't care so much about other's perception of you?

Are you feeling a little *stuck* in your self love journey?

Do you prioritize taking care of everyone but yourself, leaving yourself feeling drained and sometimes resentful?

By using the WORTHY Deck regularly, you will:

Reframe your mindset to one of self love and acceptance

Develop and prioritize new self care skills like journaling

Learn how to create the life you want to live

Recenter yourself as the main character of your life


Self and Body Acceptance Affirmations


Affirmations are an extremely beneficial tool when it comes to changing your mindset to one of self love and acceptance. Our affirmation deck of cards will help you subconsciously transform negative thought patterns into positive ones. These affirmations were intentionally curated with aspects of Somatic Experiencing (R), trauma informed care, self esteem building, and body image healing to aid in your self love and acceptance journey.

Journal Prompts

Take your self love and healing journey a step further with intentional journal prompts. Develop a new self care skill while getting to know yourself on a deeper level. After all, to love yourself you must first accept yourself. And to accept yourself, you have to really know yourself.

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What people are saying about the WORTHY Deck:

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There is no right or wrong way to use this deck but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Read cards in order once a week for a year

  • Draw cards at random

  • Reread cards as you enter new seasons

  • Set aside time to reflect + journal daily or weekly

  • Keep a card you want to focus on somewhere you can see it daily (on your mirror, dash board, etc.) or take a pic and use it as the background on your phone 

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This deck contains photos of women taking up space shame-free in their bodies.

Images include
nudity, pregnancy, cancer survivors, body hair, scars, stretch marks, tattoos, piercings, and all of the small, big, and incredible details worthy of celebrating.

Just as they are.

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Yes! You can absolutely reuse the journal prompts. You'll find that your responses are different depending on what season of life you are currently in.

The reflections that the journal prompts call for will be useful throughout your self love journey.

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Nope! You can draw the cards at random if you prefer!

The order that they will come in is designed to get increasingly introspective. However, they will be just as beneficial to your self love and healing journey if you decide to mix it up.

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The WORTHY Deck is full of tarot sized cards. This way they are small enough for your hands and large enough to put on display as a daily reminder.

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The first round of orders are due to be delivered at the beginning of February 2023.


Because you are worthy of self love and acceptance

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