Self Love & Empowerment Through Professional Boudoir Photography

She wanted to feel seen, worthy and loved unconditionally. We gave her a personalized professional boudoir photography experience designed to empower women to embrace self love and accept themselves for who they are.

The result was life-changing. She could finally see the beauty in herself that had been there all along. Finally, she saw that she is worthy of self love.

Our boudoir experience is like no other boudoir photographer’s. As a trauma-informed life and wellness coach and body acceptance boudoir photographer, my goal is to empower women to reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit.

It is an honor to watch our clients finally realize that they have always been “enough.”

Why did you originally choose a boudoir experience for your self love journey?

When I first decided I wanted to do a boudoir shoot, I was working through learning to love and appreciate my body as it is.

My body moves me everyday and I needed to appreciate it for all it does for me rather than neglecting it out of resentment.

The weight of all the comments I’d heard all my life about my own body and other bodies were getting too heavy to carry and I was ready to let go of that dead weight so I could embrace myself.

I admired all of the (women empowerment) photos on the WMNKND Instagram page; all of the women were radiant and I wanted to experience that feeling so I went for it and am incredibly thankful that I did. 

How did your boudoir photography experience impact your healing/self love journey?

My boudoir experience unveiled my beauty from a different perspective. It pushed me (in the best way) to move my body in different ways; to move/flow into different positions that I’d been a bit too scared to allow myself to before out of irrational fear.

I finally felt comfortable and confident in my own skin.

The support and encouragement from the entire (professional boudoir photography team) WMNKND helped me get there. I appreciated the helpful resources, guidance, and yoga video that was sent to me leading up to my shoot.

Maddi was amazing and helped sort out my ideas for the shoot and prepared me by outlining the details. Once I was in the studio- Kelsey helped me shine with her creative makeup skills, and Mik guided me through poses that made me feel beautiful, pow-her-ful, and sexy and captured stunning photos. 

How have you committed to your self love journey?

I choose to focus on things I love about myself. Growth is still very important to me, but I have to love myself every day in order to grow.

Going outside to explore and appreciate nature makes me feel grounded and present. I wear clothes that make me feel GOOD and try my best to ignore all the ridiculous rules about dressing for body types.

One thing I do that might sound a little silly and is a lot harder than it sounds is looking at myself in the mirror and saying, “I love you.” When I see a photo of little me, I tell her that I love her too- something I needed to hear and feel growing up. 

Do you believe that self acceptance improves your body/self image? What is your experience with that?

Yes, I do believe self-acceptance is important for body/self-image. I’ve spent too much of my life critiquing myself or wishing I was different- there’s no joy in that. Once I started embracing myself, I started experiencing more happiness. 

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Do you believe a trauma informed approach to professional boudoir photography experience is important?

Yes, I do believe trauma informed care is important. Everyone has their own life experiences and a trauma informed experience can make the difference between enabling someone to open up rather than shutting down. 

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self love and body acceptance boudoir

What are your thoughts/feelings about the vibe set? How would you describe it to someone that hasn’t been in the studio?

I absolutely LOVE the vibe set! It’s the perfect way to reset and feel comfortable in your body and movements. I’d describe the vibe set as the peak moment of all the sleepover scenes we grew up seeing in movies and TV. You pick your favorite song and get to jam out.

The moment I saw the (professional boudoir photography) photos from the vibe set, I saw myself experiencing pure joy. I saw the spark that I had unintentionally been dimming. I think that’s something that people don’t get to see enough when looking through photos of themselves.   

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What would you like to share with others on their own journey to self love and acceptance?

We’re all doing our best every day, and our best looks different every day. Embrace your pace. 

Wherever you are at on your self love journey, I want you to know that everything you need is already inside you.

The confidence to keep going.

The love you look for in others.

The wisdom of your body.

The voice to advocate for yourself.

The ability to empower yourself and those around you.

Professional boudoir photography is one incredibly powerful way to express self love. By stepping outside of your comfort zone, you’ll find your confidence growing. You’ll reframe your mindset. You’ll empower women around you to lean into who they are as well.

Are you interested in learning more about our self love boudoir experience? See for yourself how we empower women just like you to challenge negative body image and embrace all that makes you, you.

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