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Life is too short to keep comparing yourself to others, holding yourself back due to insecurities, and to not lean into all that makes you, you. Celebrate who you are and all that you have overcome with WMNKND Boudoir, body acceptance boudoir photographer in Kansas City, specializing in empowerment photography and self love photo shoots.


At WMNKND, we believe that you are worthy of radical self love and acceptance. 

Our history

Mik here, WMNKND founder! Here's the story behind how WMNKND came to be:

I actually started my photography career in the wedding industry, but after photographing 150+ weddings, I felt emotionally exhausted and unfulfilled.

I realized that I needed to make some changes and create the life and business I actually wanted.


I made the pivot to focus on boudoir.

I had witnessed the transformation in mindset and body image my clients experienced in front of my camera and I set out to create a self love experience that would give you MORE than just sexy photos...

An opportunity to embrace all that makes you, you.

We also brought on our official esthetician, makeup artist, and hype woman- Kelsey.


The year the pandemic hit - but that couldn’t stop us from empowering women!

We created the boudoir selfie guide during shut down and in July we closed on our dream studio.

We added Maddi, our Client Experience Coordinator, to the dream team to ensure you get the best personalized experience possible.


We photographed 80+ worthy bodies.

We upgraded our process based on our past clients' feedback and added new sets and product options.

We were also nominated as the best boudoir photographer in Kansas City (the very first year boudoir was even a category).


We were nominated as the best boudoir photographer in Kansas City for a second time!

I created and authored WMNKND's WORTHY Deck- a 52 card deck with affirmations and journal prompts designed to help you rediscover your worth and embrace your authentic self (and body!).

I started learning and implementing aspects of trauma-informed care and the mind-body connection. into our boudoir experience.

Became a certified life + wellness coach.


Attended an all women's' retreat and photographed women in waterfalls and on beaches.

We've been asked to wholesale the WORTHY Deck in 4 different local Kansas City businesses.


Can we celebrate you next?

the WMNKND way

Our mission at WMNKND is to celebrate you, right now, as you are

You deserve a day dedicated to showing you your best qualities, and how others already see you.

Our boudoir experience shows you a reflection you may not have seen before, and then empowers you to hold the mirror yourself. 

No special occasion necessary, no “I need to (insert action here) first." 

Our signature self-love boudoir photography experience will challenge you, inspire confidence, and even help you grow. 

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Meet your empowerment team

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Founder & Lead Photographer





Mik is the owner + lead photographer behind WMNKND. She is here to empower you to take up space + embrace your authentic self while she uses her 8+ years of photography experience to show you the beauty in who you are.

After hours:

She's walking the walk as much as she's talking the talk by creating a life she loves spending time with those that mean the most to her and running her other businesses (like the airbnb above the studio). Travel, supporting other small businesses, and plants are her passions.

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Esthetician & Makeup Artist





She specializes in making you feel like a goddess before your photo session. She’s the ultimate hype woman in the studio- if you hear someone pipe up “OMG THAT LOOKS SOOOO GOOD,” or break into an Usher or TLC song mid session, safe bet that’s Kelsey.

After hours:

Kelsey runs her own esthetics business, Mind and Muse. She is your go-to for all things skin and makeup! She loves empowering every day women to take control of their skincare routine and feel confident in the skin they're in.

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Studio Support Animal





Still feeling some nerves the morning of your experience? Not to worry! Jessa is the calming presence you need in the studio. No small talk necessary - she knows exactly what (not) to say. She's a true empath.

After hours:

Jessa is her mommy's little shadow. Wherever Mik goes, Jessa isn't too far behind. She loves to cuddle and is highly treat-motivated. Her favorite self care is a nap inside her tiny house on her little puppy couch. "Rest is productive," Jessa says.

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