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A 4 hour self love boudoir photography experience

Our Signature Service

Created to help celebrate you, right now, as you are! Boost your confidence with a boudoir photo session by WMNKND Boudoir, top-rated Kansas City boudoir photographer. Relive your empowering experience with luxury boudoir albums and stunning boudoir photos.

just as  you are

Unique. Beautiful. Capable.

Do you find yourself thinking you’ll be worthy of self-love & celebration when you finish your degree? Get married? Lose a few pounds? Have a baby? 

You are worthy of celebrating today and every day. Embrace who you are- the good, the messy and everything in between. 

Do you struggle prioritizing your needs? Feel resentful & bogged down by life?

Start seeing yourself as the main character of your life. Reconnect with who you are outside of being a mom, daughter, friend, wife, etc.

Do you believe you will be happy with your body when x happens (but x never seems to happen)?

I hate to tell you this, but you’re stuck in an endless cycle that’ll leave you feeling like you’ll never be good enough.

It’s time to break free and see all of your perceived imperfections as a beautiful piece of who you are.

Do you notice the confidence and beauty in everyone else and wish you could see your own?

Here’s your opportunity to see yourself the way those that love you always have.

Do you ever look back on photos and wish you would have appreciated the body you had then?

 Break the cycle and start appreciating your body TODAY.

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because you are you

And YOU are worthy

Your unique personality, quirks, and those perceived imperfections are what make you the incredible human you are.

Life is too short to keep comparing yourself to others, holding yourself back due to insecurities, and to not lean into all that makes you, you. 

We believe that you are worthy of radical self love and acceptance. 

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It's YOUR day
of empowerment

The Experience

You are the center of the day, start to finish.

This isn’t an average boudoir experience that focuses on shooting for the male gaze.

We don’t pose clients to look smaller, hide certain parts, or over-edit photos,
 all of which only reinforces the idea that you aren’t good enough as you are.

Imagine being able to see a picture of yourself in an album. You’re flipping through the pages and for the first time you don’t automatically go to pick out all the things you hate to see.

It’s like you’re looking at a new version of yourself.

She’s confident, and secure, and owns all of who she is, including society’s perceived “flaws”.

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what's included

Our process is focused on making the experience super personal

Your investment is all-inclusive, featuring hair and makeup, a VIP client closet with sizes ranging from xs-5x, a photo session with guided posing, wrapped up with a massage and a final reveal of your sneak peeks.

step 1 of 5

Roll out of bed and come on in, friend (yes, sweatpants and all!). Our professional hair and makeup artist will glam you up, or keep things more natural if you prefer.

Either way, you'll be feeling some Lizzo-level confidence right off the bat​​​​​​​.

Hair & Makeup

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In our studio, you’re VIP.

Which means you'll have full access to our VIP Client Closet (sizes xs-5x) for your experience.

Client Closet

step 3 of 5

We’ll hype you up and guide you through posing during your boudoir photo session. You’ll not only look fierce, you’ll feel it.

Photo Session

step 4 of 5

Yep, that's right - it's time to indulge in a complimentary massage!

After we're done with your photos you'll feel beautiful, sexy, empowered and pampered - all at once. ​​​​​​​

This whole experience is centered around self-love and self-care. 

That's right - indulge in a complimentary massage!

After we're done with your photos you'll feel beautiful, sexy, empowered and pampered - all at once. ​​​​​​​

This whole experience is centered around self-love and self-care. 


step 5 of 5

While you enjoy your massage, I'll do some quick edits and get your photos ready for the big reveal. No Photoshop magic here. Just sexy, beautiful you!

And while you may not fall in love with every single photo I show you, you will find that you have started to fall in love with you again. And at minimum, that's a start in the right direction. 


All of this and -more- is included in our session fee of $690. Our goal is to make this as accessible as possible. 

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What WMN have to say about their experience:

Prints and products

confidence-boost receipts

You may be wondering, “Where do I print my photos?" or simply “Wow, how can I feel this confident again?”

We get it - having that access to relive the experience and a reminder that acts a confidence boost is SO valuable!

We partner with a local professional print lab that has a deep respect for privacy and the intimate nature of boudoir photos, and they ensure my clients have access to the best albums, prints, and metal art.

All of our products and collections have been carefully selected and prepared just for you. 

Feel free to give them as a gift to that lucky someone, or gift yourself a reminder of this experience and the incredibly unique woman that you truly are.

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Individual products start at $250 and our most popular collections of multiple products begin at $2195. On average, my clients invest $2-4k in their total experience. Payment plans are of course available to those who need one!

Prints, products, and digital images are not included in the session fee (that’s already a steal for all that’s included!).

got nerves? we've got you!

We have empowered hundreds of women to see the beauty in who they are over the last 8 years.

WMNKND is a team effort here to help create an experience that allows you to ditch outside expectations, accept all the things that make you “you”, and then capture it all so you'll always have the reminder that your body is worthy.

This self love boudoir photography experience will challenge you, inspire confidence, and help you grow. 

Our signature self-love boudoir photography experience will challenge you, inspire confidence, and even help you grow. 

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faq 1 of 6

The best way to answer this question is to ask another - are they part of who you are? I want you to see the beauty in exactly who you are, right now, today. So no, I will not edit out anything that makes you, you. I think it's important for you to see every part of you and the imperfect goodness of it.

Any non-permanent blemishes (i.e. a pimple, bruises, etc.) will be gone but the stretch marks that came after you carried a human being, the scar from your chemo port, and the cellulite (which btw - we ALL have) are a part of your story and I want to celebrate that with you.

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Not unless you want me to! I never assume and always ask expressed permission. You can allow me to share in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Just in the VIP group? Sounds good! Only photos that your face isn’t in? You got it! Want the world to see your photos? You got it! (Well at least those that land on my website or follow the ‘gram)

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Nope. I ask every woman that enters the studio what her favorite physical attributes are and which ones she needs to work on loving- because I plan on photographing both.

No matter your size, I photograph all women the same because one body isn't better than the next. Same goes for each part of your body.

You definitely don't have to select photos that feature whatever it is you're self conscious of, for your final products, but I wouldn't be doing my job as a body positive boudoir photographer if I discriminated against it.

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Digitals are not included in the session fee but are included in our most popular collections!

I have found that most women are more interested in professional quality products that aren’t available to consumers so I have created a business model around this.

However, I do have a full digital file add on option!

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Yes! We offer multiple payment options including in house payment plans.

Nearly half off our clients opt for our in house pre-payment plans to take advantage of our bonus offers (like the Goddess Wings or the shower set).

Inquire above to chat more about this!

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Once your collection or a la carte products have been paid in full, you can expect a 4-6 week turnaround for your items!

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Ready to start planning your day of empowerment?

Our client experience coordinator will answer all your questions as well as schedule and begin personalizing your very own self love boudoir experience. 

Schedule your pre session consult today. 

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