Why WMNKND Boudoir Is The Experience Every Mom Needs

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Dear Marvelous Mothers,

What’s stopping you from taking some time out for yourselves? 

And I’m not just talking about slipping into a luxurious bubble bath at the end of the day. I’m talking about stepping out of your comfort zone for the ultimate self-love experience. 

I’m talking about booking a boudoir photo session.

Is it because you’re worried about stretch marks or about not having a flat tummy? Is it because you’ve been breastfeeding and you don’t feel like your breasts are perky enough? Or is it because you have scars or don’t know what to wear, or simply don’t feel sexy enough to flirt with the camera?

Maybe you even feel selfish for thinking about something as “frivolous” as boudoir photographs. 

What if I told you that none of that matters? 

There’s probably a part of you that already knows this, but there’s also that little voice that makes you nervous and second-guesses whether a boudoir session is a good idea.

Well, I’m here to quiet that little voice. Because this epic self-love experience is not only a good idea, it’s one that every mom needs.


Because boudoir is an amazing way to be kind and compassionate to your body. 

A lot of us feel like we can’t forgive ourselves for not being perfect. We believe that our bodies should be static and basically stay the same all the time. 

But did you know that the average woman fluctuates six pounds day to day? 

This is because we’re hormonal, and our bodies change all the time. We are complex beings, and there are so many factors at play. Your body is a living thing that responds to the environment. 

A fluctuation doesn’t mean anything. The number on your jean’s tag doesn’t mean anything. None of these things add or take away from your value as a person. And a boudoir session is a great way to show yourself this. 

Boudoir is a great gift or experience for a mom because:

  • It helps you appreciate your body for all that it does
  • It helps you get reacquainted and accept your body as it is (in every moment)
  • It helps you to see that this body is just as beautiful as the one you had before children
  • It reminds you that you are MORE than just a mom and that it’s still important to prioritize your own needs

Ultimately, all of these reasons will make you an even better mom who can teach her children about prioritizing themselves, loving and accepting themselves, and celebrating their uniqueness.

I get so excited when my clients are moms or soon-to-be moms. First of all, moms are selfless and often prioritize everyone else’s needs before their own. I love reminding you that you are worthy of the love, patience, and acceptance you constantly show others. 

I also get so excited for their children to grow up with a parent who knows how important it is to love yourself. {And, I’m pretty sure these are the children who are going to change the world!}

Still wondering why boudoir photography is something every mom needs. Take it from some amazing mammas themselves

Reviews From Real Moms Like You!

“My experience was amazing! I felt comfortable, relaxed, and absolutely welcome the whole time. Both Mikaela and Kelsey were wonderful. They both helped hype me up and just helped me relax! (Since my experience) I am definitely more confident. I feel like I am a badass! After seeing my pictures I realized I really do look like that and not what my mind tries to imagine!” -Tiffany

“(I chose to do a boudoir session) to see myself in a different light. I struggle with self-love and I wanted to start loving the body that I’m in. I was nervous when I pulled up to the building, but immediately, Mikaela made me feel welcomed when I walked through the door. She never once treated me like a client, more like a friend. Once Kelsey got there, it was the same experience. They both made the environment very comfortable and easy to feel safe. They made me feel empowered to bare my skin in a new space. Don’t wait until you lose those extra pounds or get that surgery or whatever it is. That’s what I was going to do, but I took a leap of faith and just did it and I don’t regret it 100%. Mikaela allowed me to see that I’m a bad bitch even with the extra weight that I’m self conscious about!” -Kaala

“From the moment I walked in the door, to the moment I walked out, I was treated like a queen. Kelsey squeezed every bit of sex appeal out of my face with her gorgeous makeup application. Mikaela made me feel the least amount of awkward as possible by showing me each position and then correcting me so sweetly each time I forgot something, which happened a lot! I couldn’t have asked for more from them! I start each morning flipping through a few photos to remind myself how beautiful I am, even when I’m not feeling at my best.” -Marissa

“I chose to do a boudoir session to help boost my self-confidence while I’m learning to love myself and my body again. I have daughters and I want them to see me with a healthy self- image so they know what they should have too. (Before my session,) I was self conscious and worried that I wouldn’t look good in my photos. But from the moment I walked in the door, I felt so comfortable and like I was visiting with friends. It was completely relaxed and I wasn’t uncomfortable or self-conscious at all. Mikaela and Kelsey made me feel beautiful and confident! I’m looking at myself differently after seeing my photos and I’m realizing that I am a goddess even when I don’t feel like one.” -Melissa

Momma, your body is beautiful and worthy of your acceptance. 

It supports your life daily, and for biological moms, it even supported the life of your child(ren). You wouldn’t have those precious tiny humans without it. 

Your arms make your child feel safe and loved. Your belly is there to press their little faces into and wrap their arms around to make them feel loved. Your legs allow you to chase after them {now; whether you can keep up or not is another story!}

Long story short, your body brings them comfort and love. And it deserves your appreciation.

Ready to give your body, mind, and soul some much-needed love? 

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