Quieting Self Doubt: Lori’s Story

At 57 years old, Lori decided it was time to see herself the way others did: As the resilient, brave, and beautiful woman she is.

While every boudoir experience with WMNKND is a celebration (a celebration of YOU), not every woman reaches out to celebrate a life milestone.

Lori was one of those women. She didn’t have a specific “reason” for booking a boudoir experience. But after years of putting everyone else’s needs before her own, battling health issues, and her own self-doubt, she decided it was time to see herself the way she deserves.

“I have been Mom/Daughter/Caretaker/Provider for so long, I wanted to find the “beautiful” woman I know I have lost somewhere along life’s journey.

We all have this loop that runs through our minds that keeps us stuck, in a moment, in a word, a look, or a phrase. I wanted to try and quiet some of these self-doubts.”

Before Lori’s boudoir photo session, she had some doubts.

“Is it selfish? Am I too old? Too Fluffy? Too damaged?”

But through those doubts, she found a boudoir photographer who met her where she’s currently at and reassured her that she was worthy of this self-love experience.

“After talking to Mik on the phone and looking at the pictures of all the different ages, sizes, stories of other women I felt that she would best understand my situation.

I have some trauma mixed in my life and reading the stories of women, who don’t exactly have the same scenarios, but trauma nonetheless, WMNKND felt like a safe space.”

The WMNKND team supported her and made sure she felt prepared and safe from beginning to end of the experience.

“The very first email, phone call, and continued support up and to the actual session is beyond what I had expected.

I felt cared for, heard, understood and safe through the whole process.

I tend to never be able to turn off my brain, but during the session, I was able to at least concentrate a little more on myself vs all the noise in my head.”

A couple of days after her boudoir experience, I asked Lori how she was feeling.

“I have been able to at least see a little bit of what others tell me.

I think it is going to be a process of being able to continually look at the pictures and reassure myself that all the images are actually me.

I have pride in myself that I stepped outside my box and took a step towards self-love.”

Her advice to women (especially women over 50 who are ready to prioritize themselves and see the beauty in who they are):

“Run, don’t walk to WMNKND.

Read the stories of the women, and really look at the different images.

Be brave, quiet the self doubt, and take the step.

You wont regret it!

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