3 Reasons Why Photogenic Has Nothing To Do With Boudoir

We’ve all been there…

You’re scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, and you come across the most gorgeous boudoir photos:  Lovely ladies wearing sexy lingerie, their hair and makeup on point, their bodies draped over beds and chairs in the most natural way.

And there’s a part of you that thinks, wow, that is so beautiful and empowering and exciting. I’d love to do that. 

But there’s also a part of you that thinks you could never step one stiletto-heeled foot onto a boudoir set. 

Why is that?

There are a thousand and one reasons that keep people from booking a boudoir photography session, and most of them come down to fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of being uncomfortable, fear of not being photogenic enough to bare it all. 

Here’s the good news: being photogenic has NOTHING to do with boudoir. 

You don’t have to be a model or feel super comfortable in front of the camera to have an empowering boudoir experience. And one that gives you photos you’ll absolutely love. 

Still skeptical? I gotchu. 

Here are our top 3 reasons why boudoir and photogenic have nothing to do with each other.  

1. It’s an Amateur vs. Professional Photographer Situation

What does being photogenic actually mean, anyway? 

When most people talk about being photogenic, they’re referring to someone who always looks good in pictures. It doesn’t matter how the person poses, what they’re wearing, or what the setting is – they look good no matter what. And the rest of us are left wondering, “How do they do that? What do they have that I don’t?”

The answer: nothing. 

While it’s true that they might have had more time in front of a camera and feel more comfortable, they don’t possess anything magical that makes them more photogenic than the next person.

Feeling awkward or nervous in front of the lens doesn’t matter one bit in the studio because the photogenic element comes from lighting, angles, and flattering perspectives. 

What’s more, you’re probably used to having your photo taken by someone who knows nothing about lighting or angles or posing. So you get back these pictures of yourself with washed-out skin and unflattering positions, and you think that’s just how it is. That’s you. And you don’t like what you see. Right?…


When your spouse or friend takes your photo, they aren’t professionals who know about lighting and angles. So you can’t judge yourself based on their lack of skill and technique.

The outlook changes when you’re in a professional photography setting with someone who knows what they’re doing.  

For example, I pose you from head to toe and watch for the best lighting and angles to capture the most flattering images. 

Yes! YOU are just as beautiful as the Instagram models, celebrities, and influencers you see in the media. It’s an unfair comparison. The only difference between you and them is that they make a living being in front of a camera and they’ve had a TON of practice. 

2. No Practice, No Problem 

I understand that boudoir photography can feel like the great unknown. How are you supposed to know what to do? How can you feel comfortable (and sexy) shimmying down to your skivvies in front of a stranger? And what about all the poses? 

The last thing you have to worry about during a boudoir session is posing. And you don’t have to feel comfortable in front of the camera because I will guide you. And I’ll demonstrate every pose so that you can see what it’s supposed to look like. 

Not only that, but we have a lot of resources for prep. We’ll send you a post-booking questionnaire that gives us a better idea of your body image and where you’re at on your self-love journey. And it goes over what you want to get out of this experience, so we’re all on the same page. 

It also asks what your favorite physical attributes are and the ones you need to work on loving – because I will photograph both, no matter what. But, it’s good to know where you are at body-image-wise. 

I promise you will feel comfortable, beautiful, and worthy of the self-love, and confidence you will feel during and after your experience.

3. Sexy From Every Angle

We get it in our heads that we aren’t “photogenic” because we aren’t comfortable in front of the camera and don’t know what to do. Plus, there are all those pieces of ourselves we like to pick apart.

But as we know deep down, true perfection doesn’t exist. And more than that, those “flawed” pieces of ourselves are what make us human and unique. 

I get excited about photographing every angle and every “imperfection” because my goal with your boudoir experience is never to erase or hide parts of you. Instead, I want you to see them for what they truly are. I want you to see your body in a positive light because you are worthy of being photographed. You deserve to be fully seen. 

Because yes, this experience is about more than looking and feeling sexy. It’s about feeling strong, confident, encouraged, and empowered to take on whatever life throws your way.

The Boudoir Experience with WMNKND

Hopefully, I’ve squashed some of your fears and concerns about getting boudoir photos. But if you still have some holding you back (like you aren’t good enough because every picture you look at of yourself makes you want to hide in a cave), I want you to think of it like this…

Would you decide that you hate pizza because you have only tried cheap freezer brands that you pop in the oven? 

Or would you give the authentic Italian pizzeria a shot because they are experts? 

Lame analogy aside, that’s the difference between having amateurs taking your photo versus WMNKND capturing your beauty and the essence of who you are. 

It’s a whole different experience and one that you won’t regret.

Let’s honor and celebrate everything that makes you – you!

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