5 Ways To Embrace YOUR Brand Of Sexy

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We hear it all the time… 

  • “Me….sexy?”
  • “Um…I don’t feel so sexy. And haven’t you heard… you have to be sexy to take boudoir photos.”
  • “Nah. Sexy isn’t a word I would use to describe myself. Like.At.All.” 
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You may not realize it now, but… you ARE sexy.

As women, we are complex creatures. What makes one woman sexy, doesn’t necessarily make another woman sexy.

At WMNKND, we are all about embracing your brand of sexy. Because we believe the world has enough of everyone else.

That being said, we realize that sometimes doing that can be easier said than done. And we’re here to help. 

Here are 5 different ways to start embracing YOUR brand of sexy.

sexy photos kansas city


As women, we are usually our own worst critics. We pick ourselves apart and find everything that’s “wrong”. And in this case, every reason why we aren’t sexy. {And every reason why boudoir is a terrible idea.}

No ma’am! You officially have my permission to tell that inner voice to shut it. 

Because you’re strong and beautiful! 

And The WMNKND boudoir experience will only help you see the powerful force of a woman that you are. 

So start by telling yourself that you are, and then believe it! 

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Based on your style, and your goals for the session, I’ll help you decide on 3 different looks. You can bring your faves and you’ll have full access to our VIP Client Closet, which has sizes ranging from xs-4x. 

That being said, your 3 looks can be whatever you want! 

Do you want to step outside of your comfort zone? Do you WANT to wear lingerie or do you want to wear something more you? 

Either answer is ok. 

Most people don’t realize this, but boudoir photos don’t always have to be taken in lingerie. 

We love working with different wardrobes and props. {Think button-ups, jerseys, converse, boxing gloves, jeans, and books.}  

Because overall, this experience is all about you

And being true to yourself…now THAT is sexy! 

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My goal with your boudoir experience is never to erase or hide parts of you. Instead, I want you to see them for what they truly are and honor everything that makes you, you. 

Freckles, stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles… Like most women, you are probably worried about your flaws and imperfections showing up in your photos.

But the reality is, true perfection doesn’t exist.

And more than that, those “flaws” are signs of a beautiful life. And they are what make you sexy in your own unique, beautiful, amazing way!

So girl, claim them! 

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Self-doubt has you wondering if you’re good enough for this boudoir experience. And that’s not really surprising…

Everywhere we look, someone is telling us how we’re supposed to look, act, exist. OMG- It’s exhausting. 

At WMNKND our goal is to help you appreciate and love you. {however you look, act, or exist}

So, take a deep breath and let’s have some fun! I’ll be there to pose you from head to toe. Heck, I’ll even demonstrate all of the poses for you so you don’t have to worry about where to put your hand, which way to turn your head or how your butt is going to look. I’ll capture your best, most beautiful angles. You’ll immediately feel your confidence come alive.

Whether you’re a boss babe, the girl next door, the mom that does it all, the nurturer, or the sex bomb – you are sexy and incredible.

And when you walk around with your head held a little higher knowing your value without a doubt – well… nothing could be sexier than that! 

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Maybe it’s been a while since you considered what you love about your body? Or what makes you feel good.

And I say enough is enough. 

It’s time you take care of YOU.

Remind yourself that:





sexy photos kansas city

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