7 Benefits of a Boudoir Session

kansas city boudoir

At first glance, it may seem like a boudoir session is all about sexy photos. But here at WMNKND, it is so much more. We strive to make you feel like your best self during your experience. We personalize each experience so you get exactly what you need from it. The benefits of seeing yourself in a non-judgmental, totally accepting environment will last long past your session. I intended to write this article with the benefits of boudoir that I have witnessed (and experienced first hand), but then I thought it may be better to hear it straight from previous WMNKND clients. Here’s what they said:

kansas city boudoir

1. Feeling comfortable in your own skin.

“I finally felt comfortable in my own skin. I was able to let loose. I wasn’t worried about if my double chin (was) showing, what about my stretch marks or my rolls. When I saw those pictures I had an extreme confidence boost and was in complete aww! I didn’t know I could look that beautiful!” -Kat

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2. Liberate and accept yourself.

“It’s just liberating as a woman to have had that experience. It gave me permission and acceptance to take all of my perceived flaws and insecurities and not only own them but liberate them into something beautiful and powerful. And I just felt like a complete badass throughout the whole experience. Now I have beautiful photos of myself that serve as a reminder of the strength I hold as a woman.” – Rachel

3. See yourself as the sexy queen you are.

“(The main benefit of boudoir was) the amazing confidence I gained looking at the photos. Seeing myself as the sexy queen I am, was truly eye opening.” -Baily

4. Skyrocketed self confidence.

“I feel like my confidence has skyrocketed since (my boudoir experience) and I can’t wait to get all the pictures!” -Kaz

5. See yourself from a different perspective.

“I feel as if I’ve seen myself though a whole new perspective. Leaving the studio I felt more confident and comfortable with my body then I have in a long time, the feeling is amazing!” -Ginger

6. Acknowledge the bombshell that you are.

“I have been riding the confidence high from this session ever since! Seeing the photos the same day was way better than waiting weeks – I got to walk away knowing I looked like a bombshell and have been carrying myself as one ever since.” -Elena

7. See the beauty in your body.

“I look at myself in the mirror different. I see my body for the beauty that it is, I feel more confident in myself.” -Danielle

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