Amanda’s Body Positive Boudoir Session

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Amanda wanted to celebrate herself and her body with a body positive boudoir session. Like many of our clients, she had been considering a boudoir session for awhile but had not felt “compelled to pull the trigger” until she came across WMNKND (that’s us!)

“The general visual style drew me in but the philosophy got me hook, line and sinker.”

Our body acceptance and trauma-informed approach to boudoir is why a lot of our clients go from “considering a boudoir session for awhile” to “F**** YES! I’m ready to book!” We don’t edit out your perceived imperfections (scars, stretch marks, cellulite, etc.) or try to put you in a box of what mainstream media has told us is beautiful and/or sexy. Instead, we celebrate and encourage you to be your authentic self.

After all, body positive boudoir photography is about embracing your body and who you are. You don’t have to love every single thing about your body- but you recognize that your body is worthy of your love, respect, and care.

Check out the body positive boudoir photos that we created with Amanda and what she thought of her experience with WMNKND!

girlfriend collection blue lingerie in body positive boudoir photo session
blue girlfriend collective inclusive lingerie boudoir photography

Why did you choose to do a body positive boudoir session?

I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir session as a way to celebrate everything I love about myself and to document the best phase of my life yet.

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black and white couch pose by boudoir photographer wmnknd

What were your biggest concerns about your boudoir session? 

I have had very few professional photos taken and I was worried that I wouldn’t be comfortable getting mostly naked and getting photos taken by a stranger.

body positive boudoir photography in kansas city
best boudoir photographer in kansas city

Ultimately, why did you choose Kansas boudoir photographer, WMNKND?

I was drawn to WMNKND’s photography style and plant heavy studio space that I saw in photos but when I learned about WMNKND’s inclusive, body positive (boudoir) mission I was truly sold. I really appreciated the upfront disclosure of the things Mik will and won’t edit out of photos.

Of course, I was a little afraid that all of my perceived flaws would be on display but that was part of why I wanted to do a boudoir session – to celebrate me! Ultimately my photos are a beautiful, authentic representation of me, “flaws” and all and that truly is one of the things I love about them.

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boudoir with flowers by kansas boudoir photographer wmnknd

Describe your personal experience working with the WMNKND empowerment team during your body positive boudoir photo session:

The WMNKND team was great to work with. They always made me feel like my artistic vision and comfort were priority #1. They captured my style perfectly and made me feel like a bombshell the entire experience!

flower bouquet boudoir session inspiration
self love boudoir photo session

How are you feeling after your body positive boudoir photography session? Any advice for others that are considering their own session?

I’ve been feelin’ myself! Do it for you and bring your whole, authentic self to the experience!

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body positive photo session by wmnknd
black and white body positive photography
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Blue lingerie set: Girlfriend Collective

Black lingerie set: Thistle and Spire

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