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Cat travelled from her home in central Missouri to our little boudoir photography studio (just a few miles outside of Kansas City). By this point, she had already met our client experience coordinator during her pre session consultation and we had been going back and forth via email to plan and personalize her experience.

We knew the goal for her self love experience and boudoir photos was to embrace body neutrality.

Body neutrality is different than body positivity. While body positivity focuses on loving your body, body neutrality is body acceptance without assigning “good” or “bad” feelings with it. Body neutrality is focusing on your body as an instrument rather than an ornament. You don’t have to love your body, but you accept and respect it for what it is and all that it does for you.

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What interests you about body neutral boudoir?

I have struggled with body image most of my life. When I was 19 I did some nude photo shoots for an art student and it did help me feel more comfortable in my skin. At 34, with a much different body, I want to feel comfortable in my skin again.

What are your intentions for your boudoir experience with WMNKND?

I want to work on less shame around my body, and body neutrality. I want to regain some confidence.

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Why did you choose Kansas City Boudoir photography company WMNKND?

I had been considering for about a year but just never felt comfortable pulling the trigger scheduling with any photographer I had found. When a friend recommended I follow your instagram page, I could tell the experience was just a bit different. It spoke to me more than any other account I had been following. 

The acceptance, openness and inclusivity shown in your posts ultimately got me feeling comfortable enough to book. I honestly had a bit of a breakthrough afterwards. It’s made me re-evaluate a lot of my perception about myself, who I am, and my worth. 

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Was your body neutral boudoir experience therapeutic?

It felt like 10 therapy sessions crammed into 1 day! 

What advice would you give to someone else considering body neutral boudoir to challenge their body image?

Do it even if it feels hard – the hard stuff is what teaches us the most. Don’t wait for some specific time or goal to be met, because you are enough just as you are. 

Cat’s boudoir experience with WMNKND was transformative for her current body image. From beginning to end of her experience, we focused on celebrating all that her body does for her through the lens of body neutrality.

And while it may not have been a once-and-for-all change in her perspective, it’s a BIG step in the right direction.

Boudoir doesn’t automatically cure bad body image, but it sure does challenge it. The next time Cat questions herself, her body, her worth- she’ll have these incredible body neutral photos in her album, mobile app, digital collection, and custom wood art to remind her that her body is worthy of her acceptance.

Need your own reminder? Reach out today to chat with our client experience coordinator about your own body neutral boudoir experience.

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