Why is boudoir photography so expensive?

When you’re used to a volume, jack-of-all-trades photographer that you pay with the expectation that they show up at the scheduled time, take photos for 30-60 minutes, throw a filter on them, and deliver a bunch of digitals (half of which you won’t like how you look), you may find yourself wondering, “Why is boudoir photography so expensive?”

Boudoir photography is more expensive than most photo genres. But why?

A boudoir photography session is a luxury service, and when we’re talking about WMNKND’s body confidence boudoir– you get much more than a handful of sexy photos. That’s because our self love experience goes beyond the photo shoot.

Let me ask you this:

What is your self confidence worth?

What would you pay to feel comfortable in your body, just the way it is?

What about a confidence boost reminder any time you need it?

That’s exactly what you are investing in when you book your boudoir experience. The value is priceless. And while you may be able to find someone to take your photos cheaper, you won’t find this level of self love experience anywhere else.

So let’s dive into the nitty gritty of why boudoir photography is so expensive.

why are boudoir photos so expensive

Boudoir is a luxury experience.

This isn’t your run of the mill take a few photos, batch edit, and email a handful of digital images that (let’s be real) will never live outside of your phone and will soon be forgotten. You deserve more than that. So we created an all encompassing self love experience that includes hair styling, makeup, professional boudoir photo shoot, massage, and more.

One of the things that really makes us different than other Kansas City boudoir photographers is that we take the time to get to know you and what you really want to get out of your boudoir photo session. You’ll feel supported and guided through the entire experience from our video pre session consult and resources through the delivery of your final products. We touch base regularly to prepare you (with tips, guides, and even our official yoga flow) and to answer any questions you may forget to ask. We also limit the amount of clients we take each month to prevent burnout and ensure you get the best experience possible. You deserve that.

We are experts in boudoir photography and women empowerment.

You aren’t paying someone to click a button on a camera. You’re paying for an expert to guide you every step of the way through your body confidence boudoir experience. An expert that has photographed over 150 women of all different sizes, ages, ethnicities, and mobility. With over 7 years of photography experience, you can be sure that I know all of the lighting tricks and best angles of the camera.

The last thing you want is to be out your hard-earned money and not like your photos. The vast majority of our clients are surprised when they have difficulty narrowing down their favorites to fit into an album. Can you imagine what it would be like to see photo after photo of yourself and love how you look? To see the proof that your body was never the problem. Your body image reset.

why is boudoir photography expensive?

Boudoir photographers have more overhead costs.

Not only do we have thousands invested in our boudoir photo studio in Leavenworth, KS (down payment on building, building maintenance, equipment, furniture, decor, etc.), we also have the costs of running our business day-to-day.

Website fees,

Editing software,

Photo delivery services,


Mortgage payment,



Our empowerment team’s salaries,

Credit card fees, and


are just some of our regular expenses.

Not to mention the extras that really set WMNKND apart from other boudoir photographers in Kansas City (like providing lingerie for you to use in a size inclusive VIP client closet, an on-site massage, and same day viewing of your boudoir photos). When you add up all of that value, boudoir photos don’t seem very expensive at all.

why is boudoir photography so expensive

Our boudoir albums, prints, and other products are professional quality and built to last a lifetime.

The quality of our products (AKA Confidence Boost Receipts) is unmatched and also unavailable to the average consumer. Your boudoir photos deserve to live forever as a reminder of your beauty and worth. They’re the best coping tool for your worst body image days. And with our handpicked selection of custom products, you can be sure your photos will still be around when you’re 80 years old. 

And while yes, professional boudoir photos are more expensive than some cheap prints from Walgreens, you won’t have to worry about the quality or your privacy. Can you imagine a teenager boy working in a pharmacy print lab seeing all of your boudoir photos? I’d rather not lol.

why are boudoir photos so expensive

Empowering women and boudoir photography is our career and life mission, not a hobby.

It’s important that WMNKND is sustainable. We have employees with families and responsibilities that deserve a livable wage and fair compensation for their work. We also want to make sure that WMNKND will be around for years to come to empower more women through boudoir photography, our free VIP Facebook group, community events, and charitable donations. 

It’s our mission to empower as many women as possible to love and accept themselves as they are. We plan to be around for a long time to do exactly that.

Now boudoir photography probably doesn’t seem as expensive as you thought, huh? But maybe it’s still a little out of your budget. The good news is that we do everything we can to make your boudoir experience as affordable and accessible as possible. We offer payment plans for prints/products up to 9 months (some clients have payments less than $200/month for collections of multiple products!). You pick how much (if any) money you want to put down and your term. No credit checks, no interest, no extra fees.

At the end of the day, your boudoir photography session with WMNKND is a luxury experience. It’s an investment in yourself, your body image, and self esteem. 

Some people think a $15 lunch 3x a week is expensive. 

Some people think therapy is expensive. 

Some people think lash extensions are expensive.

It all depends on what YOU value (btw all of those extra monthly expenses could be the same amount as a payment on your boudoir products).

So yes, it may seem like boudoir photos are expensive, but “expensive” is relative. And you know, you DO deserve to do things for yourself. 

You are the best wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/employee when you fill your cup up before pouring into others. You deserve a day of empowerment and the opportunity to see yourself in a new light. You deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in who you are. 

You won’t regret booking your boudoir experience when you have the photos to remind you that you are worthy just as you are. 

Especially on the days when you don’t feel like it.

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