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A boudoir experience as an anniversary gift is hands-down one of the best gifts you could ever give (or receive!) from your partner. We have quite a few clients that list an upcoming anniversary as one of the reasons that they reached out to book their boudoir experience! Obviously I am a little biased, but I’m convinced that boudoir photos for your husband, wife, or partner is the best anniversary gift you could give.

After all, anniversary boudoir photos are one of our most popular requests!

anniversary boudoir gift


Boudoir can be an amazing confidence booster. And while that’s fantastic, you may be wondering how that is a gift for your partner. WELL lemme tell ya- that confidence boost you’ll receive in the studio when you see your images the same day as your experience, won’t LEAVE the same day as your experience. You’ll be on cloud 9 when you finally see what your partner has seen in you from day one (and what they see in the bedroom 😉).

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Your partner will love the photos and you’ll be treated to an all-encompassing self love experience. Hair and makeup, massage, hype from our team, and the ultimate confidence boost.

You know what they say- you can’t fill from an empty cup. I know that when I’m taking care of myself and making sure my needs are met, I’m a better wife. So really, with that logic, this is a gift for your entire household whether they realize it or not. LOL

Bonus points: you’ll have your hair and makeup ready if you want to schedule a date night after your experience! Our amazing makeup artist is happy to do any touch ups needed after the massage.

Boudoir photos for your husband, wife, or partner won’t be one of those gifts that you both forget about years down the road. Your custom artwork can be a daily reminder of your beauty and love for each other. It’s the anniversary gift that keeps giving. And one you’ll still be able to enjoy for anniversaries to come.


Surprise or not- that’s totally up to you. There are benefits to each and as many things are with boudoir- it’s a personal decision. You can totally keep your boudoir anniversary gift a secret until they unwrap a custom album or vintage viewfinder with your photos on it (though if you’re anything like me and cannot keep anything exciting from your partner, this may be a challenge).

If you go this route, make sure to plan in advance so that your partner isn’t suspicious of any weird behavior. My recommendation if they DO have suspicions? Let them in on the fact that you’re working on a surprise. They’ll never guess what you’re up to.

Or you can let your partner in on the idea and plan together. That can be a gift of intimacy in itself. Let him or her pick one of your outfits. You may be surprised by what they love to see you in! Plus, this makes them feel like they’re a part of the experience and makes the boudoir photos for your husband/wife/partner even more meaningful.

We tell our clients all the time: even if your partner knows about your anniversary boudoir photos, they’re still going to be shocked and excited to see the final product!

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But are you wanting to stick to tradition? Here are some of our favorite boudoir gifts as traditional anniversary gifts by year. Also, we can always incorporate other traditions into your boudoir photos for your anniversary!

For your first anniversary, you can give your partner or spouse a custom boudoir album! The traditional gift is paper and I’m sure your partner won’t mind your booty printed on it. In fact, you could do that again for your third anniversary or even 55th anniversary with a leather cover or beautiful emerald green velvet cover respectively. A personalized wood empowerment box to honor the tradition of a wood gift for your fifth year. And a metal print of an artistic nude would make for an unforgettable 10th anniversary gift.

You could always incorporate these traditions IN your boudoir photos for your husband/wife/partner too! Think lace lingerie for your lucky 13th year or a pearl necklace for your 30th. Even better? Wear the gift your partner gave YOU in your boudoir photos for an eternal (and printed) reminder of your love for each other!


Are you reading this and thinking about gifting your partner with her own boudoir experience as an anniversary gift? Firstly, props to you. I think it’s amazing that you want your partner to see herself as the beautiful and worthy woman you fell in love with.

This is how that works! Reach out to us and let us know that you are interested in gifting your partner anniversary boudoir photos.

You can schedule a pre session consultation if you have questions. Or we can send you an invoice for a special anniversary boudoir gift voucher for either the session fee or prints and products as well. What’s more, we can even personalize it with a sweet message from the heart or a traditional “Happy x Anniversary!”

After you gift your partner with the voucher, she’ll follow the instructions to schedule her pre session consultation where we will start personalizing her experience and lock her date on the calendar!

anniversary boudoir photos


Please remember: you have loved your partner at every stage. They have loved you, supported you through the years, challenges, and changes. Just as your body as. Challenge yourself to see your body the way that they do.

Imagine what your partner’s reaction will be to open up a gorgeous album and see YOU (AKA they’re favorite human) in their favorite t shirt, some sexy lingerie, or even the anniversary gift they gave you. Now imagine what it would be like to see yourself the way your partner sees you: beautiful, sexy, and WORTHY.

Boudoir may be outside of your comfort zone, but trust me when I say the reward for stepping outside of your comfort zone is CONFIDENCE. The confidence to be who you are, see yourself the way you deserve, and to feel at home in your body.

Undoubtedly, you can’t go wrong with boudoir photos for an anniversary gift for your partner AND you! So what are you waiting for?

Book the best anniversary gift you’ll ever give.

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