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Do you dream of daisies? What about a bed full of roses? Boudoir with flowers can be whimsical, romantic, natural- really whatever you want it to be. We love a good floral photo shoot.

Flowers add just a little something extra to really personalize your photos. You can choose to use flowers that remind you of your wedding bouquet for anniversary boudoir photos for your husband or wife. Or the same flowers in your tattoos to celebrate their meaning to you.

Maybe you just want to lay in a bed full of flower petals and feel like the goddess that you are.

These floral photo shoots were so much fun to get creative with. Our clients each put their own spin on boudoir with their flowers. Take a gander and be inspired to embrace your floral dreams.

Want your own floral boudoir artwork? Reach out to tell us about your vision! Personalized bouquets are available to add on to your self love boudoir experience with WMNKND. Book your own boudoir session with flowers!

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