How to Prepare for your Boudoir Session

I know that a boudoir experience can be intimidating. In fact, 99% of my clients express their nerves and fears to me from the get-go. That’s totally normal! As a boudoir photographer, my number one goal is to reassure you- from the moment you reach out and throughout this experience. You probably haven’t done this before. But, lucky for you, I’ve been photographing women in this environment for five years. With that, there’s a few things I’ve learned over the years to best prepare yourself for your own boudoir experience.

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One month to go

If you haven’t started thinking about outfits yet, now’s the time! If you’re shopping online, be sure to account for shipping times. You should have already received the complimentary WMNKND Boudoir Style Guide- feel free to check out our list of favorite lingerie stores (local + online). Be sure that you’ve also completed your post-booking questionnaire. Myself and the WMNKND team will be reviewing it to make sure you get the most out of this experience! Keep an eye out for more resource emails from me as your date gets closer. Increase the amount of water you are drinking. Hydration = less bloat, clearer skin, and more energy. Avoid laying out which can result in awkward tan lines.

Week of

Drink. Plenty. Of. Water. This is also the time to start prepping your body (nails, shaving, etc.) for your photo session. My golden rule for this: Don’t do anything you normally wouldn’t. If you don’t normally wax “down there,” don’t make the first time right before your session. And if you are a waxer, I recommend having any waxing (including facial waxing) done 3-5 days before your session. Freshen up any hair color/cut so that you feel your best. I typically recommend NOT getting a spray tan. If it’s not something you have done for years (and have a trusted professional), skip it. Instead, wear colors that flatter your natural skin tone.

Day Before

Make sure you have everything you need ready to go in a bag. Double check your outfits and accessories (realizing in the studio that you forget the panties to a matching set suckssss). And go ahead and cut those pesky tags out. Get plenty of rest tonight. I recommend an evening full of self care to put you in the mindset of the incredible experience you’ll have the next day. Go ahead and pull the address to the studio (730 Shawnee St Leavenworth, KS) up on your maps to ensure you give yourself enough time to get there on your session day.

Morning of

RELAX. Today is YOUR Day of Empowerment- and that doesn’t have to start in the studio. Don’t skip breakfast. You’ll be in the studio for up to four hours and the last thing I want you to think about is a rumbling tummy. Eat something that makes your body feel good and drink plenty of water (I bet you’re getting tired of hearing that). Moisturize your body with some lotion. Use clear deodorant. Make sure your hair is clean and DRY and your face is free of any makeup. Wear something loose and comfortable that won’t leave lines on your skin. Jeans, tight bra straps, etc. can leave unflattering lines that can be difficult to edit. Be sure to arrive on time! Arriving late will cut into the time I’ve set aside to photograph.

And be sure to adopt the official WMNKND studio affirmations to prepare your mind and spirit for this all encompassing self love experience!

Ultimately, I don’t want you to stress about this. Let your prep be a part of this self love experience. Show your body some love and appreciation. And if you have any questions at all about being prepared for your boudoir session, don’t hesitate to send me a quick email! I want to be here for you through every step of this process. Think of me as your self love guide, and don’t be a stranger! 💕

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