13 Reasons to do a Boudoir Session

reasons to do a boudoir session feathers kansas city boudoir

There are a vast number of reasons that you may be considering a boudoir experience. Most women that enter the WMNKND studio had been considering a session for whatever personal reason for months before booking. So by the time she’s in the studio, there’s usually more than one reason she found herself there. At first I planned on writing this by summarizing the reasons that I hear most often (pretty much would have gone something like: for you, as a wedding gift, as a maternity session, etc.). But there are already articles that are just a quick google search away that already list those.

So instead, I grabbed 13 reasons from recent inquiry forms. They weren’t handpicked. They are just the 13 most recent reasons that they’re interested in a boudoir session given. You’ll probably see some common themes, but each one of these reasons are personal to each womxn (which is also why they’re listed anonymously). Read on. 💕

WMNKND Kansas Boudoir reasons to do a boudoir session
  1. Regain self confidence.
WMNKND Kansas Boudoir reasons to do a boudoir session

2. I’m a new mom of a one and a half year old and haven’t really been feeling as beautiful or sexy as I used to. I feel like I’ve always found my flaws and focused on them instead of what I love about myself and my body. I’ve never done anything even remotely close to this before but have been following the group for quite awhile now, always wanting to take part but never having the guts to. So I’m finally being brave and showing my interest for this amazing boudoir experience.

WMNKND Kansas maternity body positive Boudoir with stretch marks

3. I love the message of empowering women to feel confident and sexy the way that they are. It’s a message I’ve been trying to tell myself over and over lately as I have been having some body image issues that come with weight gain and body changes. I believe unrealistic expectations are placed on women and their bodies by society, and while we all know that, I think it is important to take action and acknowledge it by embracing our bodies and allowing ourselves to feel our best in whatever skin we’re in.

WMNKND Kansas Boudoir nude

4. I’m feeling a little down about myself, and I really think this (a boudoir experience) will make me feel better.

WMNKND Kansas Boudoir with feathers

5. I was lucky enough to have this experience in January. It helped my confidence so much. Just figured I could use another confidence boost.

WMNKND Kansas Boudoir

6. I have been interested in doing a boudoir shoot for a while. I love that it helps women gain self confidence and remind them of their self worth. Society tells us we are not beautiful and we are not worthy. The standards of beauty are defined by all the wrong things, and we as women are told from a very young age to fear, hate, and change our bodies. We are taught to appreciate and adore other women, but at the cost of loving ourselves. It is so hard for us to love ourselves and our bodies for how strong, supportive, miraculous, and incredible they really are. We create and nurture life. We build communities and societies with empathy and compassion. Women are strong, our feelings are strong, our bodies are strong. Boudoir helps capture the femininity and complexity of women. Every curve, every nook and cranny on our bodies. The hair, the eyes, the hips. We are all so different, yet we are all connected in the collective of womanhood. As a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, I have come a long way in learning to love my body and how strong it is. My main reason to do a boudoir session is to experience freedom from those traumas and to learn to love myself.

WMNKND Kansas Boudoir tattoos reasons to do a boudoir session

7. I am in nursing school and graduate in December! My boyfriend has been such an amazing support in my life and I would love to get some pictures for him for being so incredible during this crazy program! I have always wanted to do a shoot but have had issues being comfortable with my body! Your pictures have shown me that everyone is sexy in their own way! You and your pictures inspire me!

reasons to do a boudoir session wmnknd kansas

8. I think this will be a good opportunity to see myself in a new light; I just ended a relationship and am super sad too so it will definitely boost me back up!

WMNKND Kansas Boudoir body chain client closet

9. I’m a single 50-year old mom. Trying this dating world again, UGH! I love to take care of others, but not good at doing that for myself. I guess maybe my reason to do a boudoir session is to convince myself that my body is still beautiful.

WMNKND Kansas Boudoir body positive

10. I am interested in this experience because I am 6 months postpartum and need help falling in love with my body again. It is so hard after having a baby to accept your new body.

WMNKND Kansas City Boudoir reasons to do a boudoir session

11. I have been wanting to do a boudoir session for myself for quite awhile, being in front of the camera is something that has quite honestly always made me feel awkward and that is something that I want to become more comfortable with! I am a confident woman, proud of my stretch marks, I’ve lost 40 lbs in the last year and I’ve had some difficulty owning my new body that I am so so proud of. I think this would be a great experience to just own myself and show off what I’ve got 🙂

WMNKND Kansas self love boudoir

12. I’ll be turning 30 in October and have spent the last year especially trying to accept and love myself as I am. I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome 3 years ago and all the symptoms of the disease leave me in a constant battle with my body. As a consequence of PCOS, I have gained a significant amount of weight, have thinning hair on my head but excessive hair growth everywhere else, regularly have bad acne, and experience bouts of chronic depression or physical pain. As my doctors, husband, and I focus on my physical health to help with my infertility journey, I also need to focus on my mental health for overall wellbeing and self-love is key factor in that. I want to feel sexy and connected with this body that gives me life and I’m optimistic that a boudoir shoot could help with that.

WMNKND Kansas maternity Boudoir baby bump

13. I feel like this will be such an inspiring experience. I love the self-love, confidence, and bravery all these women have to be able to see themselves in a new way without fear of criticism.

WMNKND Kansas maternity boudoir session

Whatever your reason is to do a boudoir session, I’d love to work with you to achieve what’s really important to you.

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