Tiffany: Back in the Studio

As time continues to pass, one thing is certain: our bodies will continue to change and adapt. But the one thing that won’t change? Your worth. Your worthiness of self appreciation and self acceptance. Your worthiness to be documented.

Because of that, we want to squash the idea that boudoir is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It doesn’t have to be.

In 2021 we had the pleasure of working with Tiffany not once, but TWICE! Her very first boudoir photo session ever was in May and she loved it so much she came back to our empowerment studio in Leavenworth, KS just seven months later.

Why did you choose to do a boudoir photo session for the first time?

I had always wanted to do one, and finally decided to!

What were your biggest concerns going into your boudoir experience with WMNKND?

(Before my first boudoir photoshoot), I was afraid I wasn’t going to like any of my pictures just because of my body dysmorphia. I was so worried I wouldn’t like the way l perceived myself in the pictures. After seeing my pictures I realized I really do look like (I do in my photos) and not what my mind tries to imagine!

How was your body acceptance boudoir experience?

My experience was amazing! I felt comfortable, relaxed, and absolutely welcome the whole time. Both Mikaela and Kelsey were wonderful. They both helped hype me up and just help me relax! I am definitely more confident. I felt like a badass! After seeing my pictures I realized I really do look like that and not what my mind tries to imagine! I was also surprised how fast I got (my photo album and prints back) and the quality is amazing! My husband took one look at my metal print and he has decided to hang it above his at home work desk!

(My second body acceptance boudoir photo session,) I was comfortable from the beginning and was ready to get started. We tried different poses, and I chose to utilize different outfits from the client closet! I was so excited to see the new choices and loved that we were able to get some really beautiful nude poses. I am just thrilled to have had this experience again. I am confident, and feel on top of the world. I got to see myself in a whole new perspective which is exactly what I needed.

What made you decide to come back for another boudoir session?

My first experience was amazing and thought I’d give it another go! It was the best decision to finish out the end of my year!

What would you say to anyone considering a boudoir photography experience for themselves?

DO IT! Don’t hesitate, just go for it. There’s no need for you to lose the weight. There is no need for you to feel inadequate or nervous. The process is simple, and payment plans are perfect to find the right fit for you. I also really love that they offer the client closet fully to you, instead of you stressing over what lingerie to buy, especially if you’re like me and don’t own any! I highly recommend this experience because you’re going to be walking out feeling like the world is in the palm of your hand!

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