WMNKND Boudoir’s Signs Of A Beautiful Life: Top 3 Reasons I Won’t Edit Out Your Perceived Imperfections

If you follow WMNKND on Instagram, you may have seen my post where I express how I feel about editing out your “flaws,” Photoshopping your waistline, or generally altering your body in a way that isn’t authentic. 

I get that you might be concerned others will notice things you’re not super in love with: scars, cellulite, stretch marks, body hair, wrinkles…But, in my humble opinion… these are all the signs of a beautiful life-  a story unfolding, battles won, laughter and tears. 

And this is why editing out your perceived imperfections is not my thing. I don’t approve of minimizing or erasing who you are or the story being told on your skin.

Here’s why…

1) It helps you embrace your perceived imperfections.

When women come to this judgment-free space and are given the opportunity to see their “imperfections” in a new light, their perspective shifts. 

It’s easy to hyper-focus on your “flaws” when you’re already feeling insecure. But when you see them in a photo where you look and feel beautiful, it makes you consider that the “imperfection” may actually be beautiful too.

And then you see it again in another photo. And again.

At some point, it’s no longer the first thing you see in your images. But it’s there, and yet, you still like the photo. You still feel beautiful. And you realize that part of what makes you beautiful is your perceived imperfections: your cellulite, your booty dimple, your glistening stretch marks. 

They make you special, unique. They prove that you’ve been through the ups and downs of life, and you are still thriving. Let them serve as divine reminders of all of the life you have already lived. 

2) Your body deserves to be celebrated and documented.

Your body is beautiful because it supports your life. Period. It is even more beautiful because it is uniquely yours. No one else on this planet of over 7 billion people looks just like you. No one has a scar that tells the exact same story as the one yours does. 

Your “imperfections” are evidence of the life you are living, and doesn’t that deserve a celebration? Think about all the things you’ve accomplished, all the challenges you’ve been through, all the ways you’ve changed and grown – mind, body, and soul.

All of your growth and experiences express themselves on your skin. They are worthy of being seen, celebrated, and documented. 

3) It helps you build confidence, self-love, and compassion.

Reframing how you see your imperfections helps you get comfortable in your skin. It allows for compassion. And ultimately, feeling comfortable in your skin builds confidence. From that point, anything is possible. 

Think back to a time or a moment when you felt really confident. What were you able to achieve? How did it change how you did things? Your perception of things?

When you’re in this mindset, you’re more likely to have faith in yourself, step outside your comfort zone, push yourself. You’ll know your worth. And overall, life will feel pretty amazing. 

If you’ve thought about hiring a boudoir photographer but stopped short because you’re afraid you’re not good enough to show up just as you are, I encourage you to reconsider.

I do edit out any blemishes that would be gone in two weeks. These are what I consider actual “blemishes,” meaning they aren’t permanent. I can also edit out stubble from body hair and anything you are permanently removing (moles, tattoos, etc.). 

We want to celebrate your body at every stage and capture who you are in this very moment of your life. When you come to WMNKND for a boudoir session, you’re honoring your story and your beautiful life. 

Our portfolio is full of signs of a beautiful life. Take a look for yourself, then book your boudoir session and let’s celebrate every inch of you. 

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