Why is Boudoir Hair and Makeup Included In Your Session?

Have you ever had your hair and makeup done by a professional? Not just your best friend that has some skills behind the makeup brush but a true professional with tons of experience and creativity? If you have, chances are you know exactly why we’ve included it with every WMNKND boudoir experience. You know that “million bucks” feeling. But maybe you have never had the opportunity… or the excuse. Well there’s no better time than the self care experience you are about to partake in to go all out in treating yourself! And if you are still unsure about the value that it adds, I’m happy to explain exactly why hair and makeup is included in your boudoir experience.

Do you ever see a celebrity on TV or in a magazine and think how perfect her skin looks or how healthy her hair is? I have a secret to share with you- she certainly did not wake up like that. Celebrities have a team of hair stylists, makeup artists, etc. And I’m happy to prove that to you. It’s the same reason your cell phone selfie falls short compared to the photos I will take of you. We do this for a living. We are masters of our skill. And we can easily prove that to you by making you red carpet ready in less than 1.5 hours.

Another HUGE reason hair and makeup is included is because it’s often a huge confidence boost before you even begin your photo session. Seeing yourself in the mirror with a full face of makeup that’s strategically applied to accentuate your natural beauty is the first step in building up your confidence in the studio.

We want you to walk away knowing that you are just as gorgeous in person as you are in the photos you receive. There’s no photoshop wizardry going on here. It’s all you! With this being the first step in the process, you’ll know that without a doubt.

And the final reason that hair and makeup is included in every WMNKND boudoir experience? BECAUSE WE WANT TO PAMPER YOU! You do so much for the people in your life and it’s time to let someone do the same for you. So feel free to roll straight out of bed with clean hair and fresh face, and leave the rest up to us.

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