Your Body, Your Photos, Your Choice- What happens after your boudoir photography session?

You may have some concerns or fears about what happens to your photos after your boudoir session. 

Will they be shared? 

How are they printed?

How many eyeballs will be on your intimate images?

The good news is, it’s all up to you, girl. 

Because it’s your body, your photos, your choice. 

We celebrate many things at WMNKND: confidence, natural beauty, women’s empowerment, bodies of all shapes and sizes. But perhaps, most importantly -we celebrate your choices. From the moment you book a boudoir photography session to the moment you see your photos, you’re in control. 

This means you get to call the shots on what happens to your photos after the session is complete. 

Everything from where (and if) they get posted to how they’ll be printed and delivered is up to you. 

To help ease your mind and give you a better idea of how we handle things around here, I thought I’d answer some of your most common questions about what happens after your boudoir photography session. 

So, here we go…

Will you share my images?

Not unless you want me to! I don’t go into a session with the intentions or goal of sharing your photos in mind. And even after the session, I won’t ask you if you want to share any of your images until you’ve had a chance to look at ALL of them. 

Should you want to share your images, I will only share them in whatever way you feel comfortable. Only want to share photos that your face isn’t in? No problem! Only want your pictures appearing in the VIP group? Sounds good! Want the world to see your photos (well, on my website and Instagram)? You got it! None of the above? That’s awesome too! 

These are YOUR images. You get to choose where they end up, and I want to empower you to make whatever choices you are comfortable with.

How do you handle printing my photos and securing my privacy?

No matter what you decide to wear during your session, boudoir photos can be pretty intimate. So no, you don’t really want your local photo print shop or a random person on the internet to see you in such a private way. 

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Together we’ll pick out the photos you want to order. After that, I’ll take care of the rest. 

I partner with a local professional print lab that takes orders from all over the country. They have the ultimate respect for privacy and the intimate nature of boudoir photos. And their digital file delivery is password protected. 

And if you want printed hard copies, I’m happy to meet up with you in person to deliver your photos. 

What is a model call, and how do you use those photos?

A model call is when I want to be more creative or get more content for my website and marketing. I occasionally use model calls to bring in clients who already know they are comfortable with me sharing their images.

Whether or not you want your photos to be shared, I want you to feel confident that your decision will be honored. 

Don’t be afraid of disappointing me by saying no. And if saying no is a generally hard thing for you to do, I invite you to use this moment as practice! 

The WMNKND studio is a safe, judgment-free environment where we deeply honor and respect you and your choices.

Some women feel empowered to have their photos shared, and their bodies celebrated publicly. Others feel empowered holding them close and choosing exactly who (if anyone) gets to see them.

Feel free and empowered to make the choice that makes you feel good.

Does booking a boudoir session sound like a feel-good choice for you?? Contact us today, and let’s start celebrating your beautiful self.  

Need a bit more reassurance? Connect with the WMNKND team and our community of amazing women in our WMNKND VIP Facebook Group. Here you can feel free to ask questions and express your fears and concerns {whether it’s boudoir photography related, or just life!}  Like a bad-ass group of virtual BFF’s, these women have got your back. And we’re all more than happy to answer your questions and cheer you on. 

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