10 Reasons to Book a Boudoir Photo Session

Here at WMNKND Studio, we don’t think you need a reason to get a boudoir session done! You can do one “just because” and we won’t bat an eye. We LOVE women celebrating themselves for ALL reasons.

But just in case you are on the fence, and want some reasons to go ahead and book

women wearing black strapped one piece lingerie with WMNKND studios for 10 reasons to get a boudoir shoot

Here are 10 Reasons to Get a Boudoir Shoot:

  1. Improve body image! Boudoir is a physical thing you can do on your self love journey. And we have found it is quite powerful for our clients to have that tangible reminder on bad body-image days.
  2. Improve confidence in all aspects of life! Body confidence carries over to your relationship with yourself, and even your relationship with your partner if you have one! Being confident in who you are attracts the life you deserve. It’s as simple as that!
  3. Use boudoir to celebrate a milestone! Getting married? Graduating? Divorced? Life brings us lots of change, and sometimes documenting our truest selves through that change can be SO empowering!
  4. To see yourself as sexy! We have women in this studio all the time who don’t feel sexy anymore. Maybe you’re stuck in “mom-mode”, or you’re a soldier or nurse etc, and you just want to feel like yourself again! This doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship – half of our clients aren’t!
  5. Self care! You are worthy of investing in, & feeling good about yourself. Indulging in a boudoir shoot is a great way to practice tangible self-care.
  6. Gift for partner! I mean, you can’t go wrong here!!
  7. Document your body! Maybe you want to remember pregnancy (before or after), or a mastectomy (before or after),…maybe you just got a new tattoo and want it documented! Boudoir is a great way to do that!
  8. Overcoming trauma. Your body is worthy no matter what you or it has been through – addiction, abuse, etc. We feel SO honored when our clients trust us to aid in their trauma recovery. We are here for you!
  9. Your birthday! In the ultimate celebration of you, I can’t think of a better birthday gift!!
  10. Because you fucking want to!!! This might be our FAV reason because it’s really all the reason you need!!!

So I hope you find these 10 Reasons to Get A Boudoir Shoot helpful!!! Please reach out if you have any questions, we are here to help you every step of the way!

women wearing pink and black mesh lingerie while laying on bed at boudoir studio
tattooed women in boudoir session grabbing lace thong for 10 reasons to get a boudoir shoot
fully nude boudoir session in Kansas City in front of solid colored backdrop
woman utilizing flowers during boudoir session is one of 10 reasons to get a boudoir shoot
nude woman laying on bed with tattoos and white sheet at Kansas City boudoir studio

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