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Kansas City Outdoor Maternity Boudoir

We adventured outside of our beautiful, 150-year-old boudoir photography studio in Leavenworth, KS for Elena’s maternity boudoir photos. Luckily, I just moved and have the perfect little meadow right in my backyard in Kansas City, MO for outdoor boudoir with the perfect earthy, woodland goddess (or fairy in this case!) vibes.

When Elena asked for styling advice for her outdoor boudoir experience with us, I sent her some screenshots from Pinterest for inspiration. I recommended some type of button up, light cardigan/robe, or jacket for an extra layer to play with (and to frame her precious baby bump). I sent her ideas ranging from shorts and a bralette to a casual Calvin Klein set to some sexy lingerie like this.

Lucky for us, this wasn’t Elena’s first rodeo. She came to our Leavenworth, KS boudoir photography studio back in 2021 for her her first boudoir photo session with us!

She took my advice and put her own creative spin on it:

an old shirt that belonged to her own mother,

a FUN and bright lingerie set paired with the fairy wings she wore to her sister’s wedding recently as well as a skirt purchased for her baby-moon,

AND a dreamy white set from Savage Fenty.

The result? These gorgeous, fairy woodland maternity boudoir photos that not only document her body is this season of life, but will forever remind her of her own individuality and what matters most to her.

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