Kansas City Boudoir Photographer Talks about Body Confidence

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We believe that all women are worthy of feeling comfortable and confident in their bodies – no matter your size, age, experience, etc. Boudoir is about more than sexy photos. We realized the impact it can have on one’s body image and body confidence. How much of an impact it has on our self esteem. We knew that our experience needed to be about more than just photos too. We are spreading mission of body confidence today and always.

We’ve built an all encompassing self love experience that begins before you enter the studio. You’ll feel supported and prepared with all of our pre-session resources. We have a boudoir style guide that gives you tips on what to wear for your boudoir experience. For how to embrace your own brand of sexy. You’ll receive prep tips, regular check-ins, and even our official WMNKND yoga flow to help you reconnect with your body.

Our goal is to challenge your current body image. Our goal is for you to see your reflection in a way you never have before. Through a lens of self love and acceptance. Which is why you see your images before leaving the studio (we don’t want any self-doubt to sneak in before that).

You are exactly who you are meant to be.

The only thing missing is the confidence you deserve to be unapologetically you. Your boudoir photos should serve as a reminder that you are worthy of body confidence and acceptance. And we will continue spreading mission of body confidence to all woman who cross our path.

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