Most Flattering Panty Styles for Your Booty Shape

We all know that there are different ways to dress to flatter our body types. But did you know that there are more flattering panty styles than others depending on your booty shape? Because there totally is! Certain panty styles may make your rear look flatter or less in shape than others. Which means that certain panty styles are made specifically for your booty shape! Isn’t that cool? As a Kansas City boudoir photographer, I have helped many women style their boudoir sessions by finding the best panty styles for their bum. Now I’m here to help you discover your booty shape and the most flattering panty style for you!

Booty Shape – Heart

most flattering panty style for heart shaped booty, kansas city boudoir

If your booty is…

More voluminous at the bottom

Smaller at the top

Rounded curves at the hips

Best Styles for You

  • Cheeky cuts to accent your natural perk
  • Bikinis, cheeky panties, tangas, and thongs that lay flat (think seamless, barely there, no show styles) so that you can show off your fullness!
  • Panties with details on the back like ruching, straps, lace, etc. to bring more evenness to your bum

Styles to Avoid

  • Panties with more full behind coverage
  • Panties with small leg openings

Check out these styles: Amore Cheeky BikiniMaidenform Micro Cheekini Panty with Lace, CALVIN KLEIN INVISIBLES THONG, OOKAMI ORIGAMI MIDI BRIEF BY PLEASURE STATE

Booty Shape – Round

most flattering panty style for round shaped booty, kansas city boudoir

If your booty is…

Described as a “bubble butt”

Equally full all the way around

Best Styles for You

  • Panties with high-cut legs to really show off that round booty!
  • Higher rise panties
  • Thongs, g-strings, and tangas (low coverage) to flaunt it!

Styles to Avoid

  • Anything full coverage


Booty Shape – Triangle

most flattering panty style for triangle shaped booty, kansas city boudoir

If your booty is…

More voluminous at the top

Widest at the hips

Less voluminous at bottom

Best Styles for You

  • Boyshorts to add volume to your lower bum
  • Panties with lower cut leg openings for more fullness
  • Styles with added details like lace or mesh around leg openings to create accentuate curves

Styles to Avoid

  • High leg openings

Check out these stylesLACE TRIM SHINE BIKINICalvin Klein Ultimate Cotton Boyshort PantyMontelle Intimate Sheer Lace Cheeky PantiesShine & Lace Bikini Panty

Booty Shape – Square

most flattering panty style for square shaped booty, kansas city boudoir

If your booty is…

Equally wide at the top, center, and bottom

Higher hip bones

Flatter, more wide

Best Styles for You

  • High and mid-rise waists to show off your curves
  • High cut leg openings for legs that go “all the way up”
  • Cheeky cuts for more roundness
  • Lace or fun prints to add a look of more volume

Styles to Avoid

  • Solid colored and no details

Check out these stylesManhattan BikiniPRIMA DONNA ALBIZIA LUXURY THONG, Carnival High Cut Lace Bikini PantyFloral Lace Cheeky

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