Amazon Finds Under $30 for Your Boudoir Session

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The one question that nearly every woman has before her boudoir session is,

“What should I wear?”

There are so many options out there you may not know where to begin. Or maybe you’re concerned with how certain lingerie will photograph. And maybe you’ve already googled what to wear for your boudoir session but you really wish someone would just pick out your outfits for you. Whichever boat you land in, this article is for you. From casual looks to steamy sets, I’ve attempted to include pieces for multiple different looks/body types/personalities. And at a price point below $30 (most are even below $20), you just can’t go wrong.

The Basics

The basics are exactly that- basic. I’ve included some classic Calvin Klein separates because they look great on all body types and are a staple basic. I also have button downs, oversized sweater, and some plain white tees. These easily provide some variety and can be playful, casual, or sexy.


Most WMNKND clients wear at least one bodysuit during their sessions. Bodysuits make for a really sexy look with minimal effort. You don’t have to worry about missing a piece or where it falls on your stomach. They also hug close on your body and don’t have a lot of material that can bunch up during photo sessions like a teddy does. And as a bonus: you can wear them under jeans for a hot concert look!

Lingerie Sets

Here are some sets that will photograph perfectly for your boudoir session. I highly recommend wearing at least one lingerie separate set (like a bra and panty) for your boudoir photos. As someone who has previously fallen victim to the idea that tummies are supposed to flat (and therefore hid my stomach by any means possible), I’m here to tell you that they are not and you should not hide your tummy like I did. First of all, your boudoir photographer knows how to pose you. Second, your body is worthy of being photographed. Period. Third, separate sets are hella cute. And if you’re still questioning me, just get high waisted underwear and wear the damn set (you can tell me I was right later).


I included some cute pieces here that I know will photograph well. I love when clients bring accessories that represent their personality (anyone love that crown?). I actually stumbled upon some rave wear and am really digging it for boudoir.

Crop Tops

I love crop tops for a little more casual look. Pair these with some cute undies and you’re all set. I really like the sassy quotes on these shirts or ya know… boobs. Another thing crop tops are perfect for is some good ole under boob shots.

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