Is Boudoir a Once in a Lifetime Experience?

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There’s this rumor going around that boudoir is a once in a lifetime experience. But I don’t think it has to be. Rather than me explaining to you the benefits and reasons to get back in the studio, I’ll let one of my brand ambassadors tell you about her experience. She’s been supporting WMNKND Boudoir before we were even called that and continues to add value to our online community and brand. Shelby has had 5 boudoir sessions over the past 4 years between 2 different studios in Kansas City (both with WMNKND still). If she’s not an expert on the subject, I don’t know who is.

So I asked her,

“Do you think boudoir is a once in a lifetime experience?”

Do you think boudoir is a once in a lifetime experience?

“No. I don’t think it’s a once in a lifetime experience. The pictures may be once in a lifetime but boudoir is so much more than just the pictures. Boudoir gave me the ability to confidently display my body to myself and to whoever I choose. The experience with Mikaela followed me outside of the studio. It gave me a sense of confidence rather than hiding my body and feeling shame. I left feeling confident and it started my journey to loving my body. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an ongoing journey, but this was the experience that kickstarted it. It’s helped me in my sex life too. I feel more confident and that has made it so much better for both of us. So yeah maybe the pictures can be once in a lifetime. But the effects? Those are very long lasting.”

How did you feel before your first boudoir session?

“Terrified, nervous, uncomfortable, unsure, and just a little bit excited. It’s scary to be in front of someone and just put your body on full display. I’m relatively modest and doing something like this was way outside my comfort zone. But, honestly I’m so glad I followed through with it. During the session, all of those feelings started to melt away. Mikaela makes you feel so comfortable. I was worried about being judged and was worried she would notice all of the flaws I saw in myself. But it wasn’t like that at all. She was so encouraging and easy to talk to. After the first few minutes, it felt like we were just hanging out (not that I was posing half naked in a random studio). She was understanding when I told her about the areas that I saw as a problem. And she was great at posing me in a way that flattered those areas instead of trying to hide them away.”

How did you feel before your most recent boudoir session?

“I was thrilled. I honestly couldn’t wait. The client closet always has the cutest stuff and Mikaela is always coming up with new themes and ideas. I get so excited every time I get to go back and do this. And I’m always eager to see my photos. Plus, Mikaela is such a great person to be around, so I look forward to my sessions even more.”

How have you benefited from a boudoir experience?

“Boudoir has changed my life. For the better. It has given me confidence and has kickstarted my self love journey. The world is harsh for girls. We have this idea of beauty in our heads that is just unattainable. Women have freckles, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and extra fat on our bodies. The experience has helped me realize that women (including myself) are beautiful in so many different ways. Physically and mentally. This experience helped me come to terms with that and helped me to love the parts of my body that are sometimes a little less than lovable.”

Why have you come back to WMNKND?

“I have come back to WMNKND quite a few times now. First of all, I love the experience. I think it’s fun and my boyfriend and I love to have the pictures. But I also love Mikaela and the brand is so wholesome. Mikaela is a big supporter of women and local businesses. She is always helping to take care of people and is so easy to work with. She accepts payment plans and is always willing to work with people. I just love everything about her and WMNKND. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Do you feel like each session is the same?

“Absolutely not! I feel like they keep getting better! Every session is different. Different outfits, poses, and just different moods. I’ve done some sessions with a really laid back and free mood. But I’ve also done some where it’s exciting and i just feel like I’m on fire. I always get incredible pictures too. Every session is different and all of the pictures are different. Mikaela has so many cool and unique ideas. Between glitter, different colored sheets, outfits, settings, arrangements, lighting, and moods, the studio is always changing. So of course every session would be different. There are also different things I want out of the sessions and Mikaela is so good about incorporating my ideas and wants into them too.”

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