Body Acceptance- What, Why, How? |

Body Acceptance- What, Why, How?

Kansas City Boudoir | Tips and advice on loving your body

Question: If your best friend came to you and said, “I’m not sexy/skinny/stylish/outgoing/confident/etc. enough to do _______,” how would you respond?

Chances are you would disagree with her. You’d probably comfort her, tell her she’s absolutely gorgeous and deserving and a warrior goddess who can overcome anything.

If we can talk to our friends this way (and mean it!), why is it so hard for us to speak to ourselves with the same level of compassion?

Body acceptance is incredibly challenging for many of us, especially women. We’re constantly bombarded with unreasonable standards and often from an early age. So reframing our thinking and learning to speak to and lovingly see our bodies takes time and practice. 

But it’s totally doable, and it’s absolutely worth it. 

Because when you can love and accept your body as it is, all of the changes and stages it will go through won’t ever shake your core confidence. 

Here are 5 things you can do to love your body more.

  1. Change Your Focus

Instead of nitpicking at every part of yourself you don’t like, shift your focus to what you do like. 

Make a list of those things, speak them out loud. Eventually, you will train your eyes to notice the things about yourself that you like first. And you’ll take away the focus and power of the attributes you don’t like as much.

Once you’ve done that for a few days, take it one step further by showing gratitude for all parts of yourself {even the bits you’re not entirely thrilled about!} 

Thank your body for what it does for you. Start at your toes and move all the way up to your head! Thank each part for how it helps you, and ultimately, for keeping you alive and well.  

  1. Mirror Work

Try this. Every day for at least one week, look at yourself naked in the mirror. 

Most of us don’t get used to seeing (or being comfortable with) our body parts because we aren’t used to looking at ourselves. Sure, we glance in the mirror or catch ourselves in the reflection of a shop window, but we never really look at ourselves.  

The goal is to see your body as a whole and not as individual parts or characteristics. This may feel strange or silly at first. And you may feel super vulnerable. But continue to stand there for a few minutes and speak kind affirmations as you look at yourself naked. 

Because dialogue matters! Think about all the things you say to yourself throughout the day. These thoughts create your feelings, and how you feel leads to how you act. 

If you’re always speaking negatively about yourself or putting yourself down, you’re not going to feel good. How can you live your best life if you always feel like garbage?

Let’s transform that Debbie Downer dialogue into a self-love, body-positive mantra that you can recite as you stand in front of the mirror. 

It could go something like:

  • My body deserves love and respect.
  • I define my worth, and I am worthy.
  • I honor my body at this moment. It’s perfect the way that it is.
  • I love and cherish my body.

Whatever feels authentic to you. Say it. And believe it. 

  1. (un)Dress to Impress Yourself

Get used to seeing your body more by not trying to cover it up. 

Wear a bikini while you clean the house. If possible, walk around the house naked—or lounge around in lingerie. 

And when it comes to clothing, only own pieces that make you feel good (and not just on non-bloat days). Clean out your closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit (too small or too big). Don’t buy things that you hope to fit into someday. When you do that, you’re only telling yourself that your body isn’t good enough right now, just as it is. And that’s just not true! 

You don’t have to wait until you’re a different size to dress the way you want. Do it now! Because now ​​​​​​​is all you have. 

  1. Mindfully (un)Follow Social Media Accounts

It’s time to de-clutter your social media and build feeds that empower you. 

Unfollow anyone you constantly compare yourself to or who makes you feel bad about yourself. Unfollow unrealistic body types and people with heavily edited photos. Unfollow when you hear yourself saying, “I’ll never be as successful/sexy/smart/creative/whatever as that person.”

Regularly exposing yourself to these images will hurt your confidence and body image. So why put your precious time, thoughts, and energy into consuming them?

Instead, follow accounts that show body diversity. 

Follow people you admire but don’t feel the need to compare yourself to. 

You have the power to take control of what you see and how often you see it. Use that ability to make healthy, empowering choices. 

  1. Book an Empowering Boudoir Shoot with WMNKND

At WMNKND Boudoir, you get to see yourself in a positive, judgment-free environment. 

We don’t discriminate. We won’t ever pose you differently based on your body type. That means you’ll get to see yourself celebrated as beautiful, sexy, and worthy – no matter if your body type is typically celebrated in mainstream society. And afterward, you’ll have photos that always remind you of these truths.

A boudoir session helps you realize that your body was never the issue: it can be the ill-fitting clothes, the unrealistic expectations, the media, etc. I specifically tell my clients that if they’re having a morning where nothing fits right or they feel bloated, to look at their boudoir photos and acknowledge that their body is NOT the problem.

True body acceptance is accepting what your body is, as it is, today. And it’s respect for your body because of what it DOES -not how it looks. It’s knowing that you will have bad body image days, but that has nothing to do with your worth.

Your body is an instrument, not an ornament, and you don’t always have to love every little thing about it to respect it and what it does for you.

So, what do you say? Ready to start loving and respecting your body? 

Start your body acceptance journey today with the support of other women in our VIP group.

Then, level up that practice by booking your boudoir photo session

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