Boudoir Wings: Feel like a Goddess

boudoir photography with angel wings in leavenworth kansas

Have you seen our Goddess Wings (aka boudoir angel wings)?

It’s safe to say we’ve all seen the Victoria’s Secret angels’ beauty celebrated as they walk the runway. With tiny waists and big boobs, we’ve been fed by the media that this is the only way to be attractive in our society. 

But we’re finally calling bullshit. The 2022 hit by Jax, Victoria’s Secret called out gross societal beauty standards inspiring women everywhere to adopt a more positive body image.

Here at WMNKND, we’re putting an inclusive spin on the Victoria’s Secret Angel image with our own angel wings for boudoir- or as we like to call them GODDESS WINGS.

I recently asked (over on our Instagram) how our clients felt when wearing our angel wings for boudoir. Here are a few of their responses: 


“Like a GODDESS! Literally my Victoria’s Secret Angel wing dreams came true.”

“I felt like a sexy bombshell and nobody could have told me otherwise!”

“Like a plus size body positive angel (with these boudoir wings)!”

Our goddess wings give women the opportunity to see themselves celebrated the same way mainstream media has celebrated models. And for them to realize that their bodies are just as worthy of being appreciated and accepted. They get to see their body and perceived imperfections look just as sexy as a VS model with these incredible angel wings for boudoir.

And that folx, is what body acceptance photographer WMNKND is here for. We inspire women to love and accept themselves as they are in our Leavenworth, KS boudoir photo studio. The boudoir wings are a part of that (if you want them to be!). Ultimately, we want you to opt for whatever outfits, accessories, and photo sets that empower you.

Because here’s the deal: you are a goddess- fat, stretch marks, scars, and cellulite NOT sold separately. 

Check out these photos and feel free to use them as inspiration for your own boudoir photography with angel wings!

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