5 Things You’ll Absolutely Want to Bring to your Boudoir Photo Session

Are you frantically googling boudoir photography tips for clients? Have you ever wondered what you would need to bring to your boudoir photo session? Have any of these questions crossed your mind when planning your own self love experience:

Do you need to bring your own lingerie?

What about makeup or lashes?

Can you bring your favorite hat or light saber? 

Not to worry- I’m here with 7 years experience photographing over 150 women to give you my best boudoir photo shoot tips on what to bring to your ultimate self love experience!

Comfy clothes

Boudoir photo shoot tip #1! Plan to wear something comfortable to your boudoir experience. Preferably clothing that won’t leave marks on your skin. 

You’re going to feel relaxed after your on site massage. Skip the jeans and opt for leggings or sweats instead. 

Going out after and plan on dressing up? Feel free to bring an outfit to change into after your boudoir photo session! 

Something personal

Make the most out of your experience by incorporating something that means a lot to you right now. Whether that’s the wedding veil that you’ll be wearing the day you gift your fiance their album or a guitar you spend most of your afternoons with, you’ll thank yourself for thinking of it when you’re looking back at these photos twenty years from now.

Some choose to bring in a prop of sorts to be included in poses or to be photographed more naturally (think posing with the guitar vs playing it).

Another option is to include something meaningful in your boudoir outfits. We’ve had clients bring lab coats, Harry Potter robes, their favorite denim and even pointe shoes to their boudoir photo session. Easily personalize your photos and celebrate who you are. 

Personal playlist

What songs make you want to dance in the kitchen or sing in the car? Those are the songs you should bring to your boudoir experience. After all, you know what truly empowers you.

Engage all of your senses for the ultimate self love, confidence boosting experience. 

Set the tone for your intentions. Are you wanting to reconnect with your body? Embrace your sensuality? Create beautiful art for your walls?

Music is another way to help us achieve your goals. Plus, the next time you hear those songs, the same empowering feelings you experienced in the studio will come flooding back.

Your own lingerie (if you want!)

Bring any particular lingerie or other boudoir outfits you want to wear for your photos! You can bring in some well loved favorites or use the excuse to treat yourself to some new lingerie. Particularly, if you have a vision in mind (or know yourself well enough to know you have very specific tastes), it may be best to do your own shopping.

Plus you’ll know for a fact how amazing you look in whatever you wear for your photos- whether that’s sexy lingerie, your favorite jeans, or nothing at all.

If you want to skip the shopping trip, you are welcome to use our client closet! We have lingerie in the studio for you to use ranging in size from xs-5x. If you want, you can bring a nude thong to wear under any of our client closet pieces. It’s not required though. We have panty liners in the studio and any clothing tried on gets sanitized and washed between clients.

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An open mind

This is possibly the most important boudoir photography tip for clients when it comes to preparing for your boudoir photo session. An open mind when it comes to the experience itself, embracing who you are, and seeing your body in a new light.

Rather than coming into our boudoir studio in Leavenworth, KS with the preconceived notion that you’ll hate the way you look in your photos, approach your experience with curiosity. Curiosity of what you will look like, how you will feel, what you’ll learn about yourself. 

I’m not promising that you’ll love every single photo you see of yourself. But you’ll likely find that you aren’t really seeing yourself the way you deserve.

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Want more boudoir photography tips for clients?

Have you been overthinking this whole boudoir experience? Worrying about what to bring, how to prepare, or even what to wear? 

The good news is that you are enough just as you are. No need to overthink. Because you are inherently worthy of not only self acceptance and respect, but also appreciation and love. 

Does that help? Maybe some. But if you’re like me, you like to feel well prepared and as confident as possible knowing what you’re getting yourself into. 

So here’s the better news: we’re here for you. We’re there to guide you every step of the way of this self love experience. We’ve created multiple resources with boudoir photography tips for our clients (like this blog post you are reading now) to help you make the most of this experience.

Also, we offer a free pre session consultation to anyone considering a boudoir experience with WMNKND. You can schedule yours today to get all of your questions answered, learn more about body acceptance boudoir, and start personalizing your very own self love experience.

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