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Talk about body confidence! Let me introduce you to Jenna!

Jenna came into the WMNKND studio just like anyone else: a little nervous. We talked about her hesitations and desires for the session before we ever started shooting. She was open to the process & wanted to build her body confidence, but this was new! So while she got her hair & makeup done, we chatted about what to expect.

With every client in the studio I will guide you through each step of posing. I will model it for you and help you feel comfortable. I will tailor it to your accessibility too!

What Jenna found as we started shooting was that it wasn’t as hard as she thought it might be. She wanted to include several outfits, and pretty quickly she was feeling totally confident in front of the camera. It’s always fun to watch someone’s body confidence soar during their session.

Jenna wore a lace bodysuit first, like this one here. Then she slipped into a sexy sheer black two piece set (always a fav!). And then we moved into the ICONIC Calvin Klein set. She paired that one with our angel wings from the studio, and it was FIRE.

We wrapped up her session with just the sheet. Not everyone opts to do nude shots as part of their galleries, but a lot of clients do because by the end of their session their body confidence is at an all time high.

I will never get tired of seeing this transformation. Jenna, thank you for trusting me with your body-positivity journey.

Jenna during body confidence boudoir session with blue lace lingerie
Woman wearing blue lace lingerie during body confidence boudoir session in studio
Woman with blue hair wearing black lace lingerie with Kansas City put war photographer
Body confidence boudoir session on bed wearing black mesh lingerie
Women wearing Calvin Klein thong and bra turn body confidence boudoir session
Women wearing bra and underwear set on white sheets in Kansas City boudoir studio
Body confidence boudoir session with woman who has tattoos in Kansas City
Woman wearing two piece set and angel wings during body confidence boudoir session
woman wearing angel wings in boudoir studio during boudoir body confidence session
woman with tattoos and blue hair sitting on leather seat wearing angel wings during boudoir session
woman fully nude on bed with white sheets in body confidence boudoir session
body confidence boudoir session with tattooed woman on bed in Kansas City

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