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I know that if you are exploring boudoir photography, you already know that you want to feel confident…at home in your body…self-assured. And I am so proud of you for that work! In order to assist you get the most out of your experience, I wrote out my best recommended tips for a self-empowering session:

1. Be prepared for your self-empowering session.

Read all of our resource emails (they include tons more tips!). Ask questions if you have them. Pack your bag before the morning of. This is how you will get the most out of your self-empowering session. Preparing is part of the fun part too – use it as an excuse for some self care.

2. Be open-minded.

Seriously. There’s a really good chance that you (as well as most women in America) have been experiencing some degree of body dysmorphia. Be ready to be proven wrong about what you think your body looks like.

3. Embrace who you are.

It’s what this experience is all about. Now’s NOT the time to cover up, make yourself small, or try to fit in. We want to celebrate YOU for who you are. Part of that is photographing all the little things that make up the glorious human you are- your smile, your dimples, your eyes, your scars, your cute little freckles, the stretch marks that you earned from growth- and everything in between. The other part is WHO you are. your personality. What really makes you, you. in every facet- sexy, flirty, artistic, bold, nurturing.

4. Tell supportive people about your self-empowering session experience.

Whether that’s a close friend, your partner, or even your mom. But only if they are TEAM YOU! Meaning they respect and support your happiness, your self love journey, and your choice to book an empowering boudoir shoot. Otherwise you don’t owe anyone else an explanation for this journey.

5. Make plans for after.

We’ll treat you to a 4 hour day of your confidence-building boudoir session! Starting with hair and makeup and finishing with a complimentary massage and same day image viewing. But trust me when I say that you won’t want to go to work after this. You’ll be on cloud 9! Feelin’ yourself with your hair and makeup done (our makeup artist stays for touch ups after your massage). Schedule a happy hour with friends, date night with your boo, or take yourself out to continue your day of empowerment!

maroon lace body suit during self-empowering session in Kansas City studio
red lipstick and maroon lace body suit sitting on leather couch in Kansas City boudoir studio
woman wearing black strapped lingerie during self-empowering session
white sheets covering naked woman laying on bed during boudoir shoot with Kansas City boudoir photographer
tattooed woman wearing white bed sheet during self-empowering session
boudoir make up and red lipstick wore by naked woman during sexy session

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