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Wanna know the secret to boudoir for plus size women and how we pose plus size bodies?

The same. We pose them the same.

Because there’s no reason not to. 

I had a conversation with a woman at a friend’s bachelorette party about boudoir. She asked what I did for a living and I told her: I empower women to feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies through body acceptance boudoir photography.

“But like what kind of women do you work with? I notice most boudoir photographers tend to work with the same, straight-sized body types… I’ve been wanting to do a session but I want to find a photographer that has experience with boudoir for plus size women.”

Then I showed her our instagram. She smiled seeing women that look like her represented immediately at the top of our account.

“Oh, so you know how to pose plus size bodies then!”

Yes. I know how to pose plus size bodies. I pose them the same way I pose straight size bodies.

So here’s the deal: all bodies are beautiful & unique to themselves. There’s no need to cover you up or pose you to look smaller. Just because we don’t see women of all sizes celebrated in main stream media, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be (we’re really trying to do our part to change that). Boudoir for plus size women is simply boudoir! In fact, we celebrate all women without trying to categorize them or put them into a metaphorical box of what society has told us is beautiful and sexy.

We pose for mobility. We pose to accentuate your natural features. And equally important- we make adjustments for each individual to bring out their personality. We truly have the same goal with every boudoir experience, no matter your size: self acceptance.

Boudoir for plus size women is the same as for every other size.

Our hope at WMNKND Boudoir is that you see yourself the way we see you. As a powerful woman with no limits. Let us show you that you are beautiful, sexy, and worthy- at any size.

torrid plus size lingerie plus size boudoir photography in kansas city

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