What our clients want you to know before booking your Body Acceptance Boudoir Experience

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After photographing and empowering over 200 women in our Leavenworth Kansas boudoir photography studio, I’ve personally witnessed many revelations, healing from childhood wounds, mindset shifts, happy tears and more. I could go on and on from my perspective about how healing and therapeutic our self love experience is.

But don’t take it from me- read what our clients want you to know before booking your Body Acceptance Boudoir Experience with WMNKND. ⬇️

Your mindset about your body will change.

“The amount of confidence and love you will have after you finish your session for your body is amazing. I was very critical of my body and after looking at my photos, I decided I don’t give my self enough credit. I looked BOOM in my photos. My mindset completely changed! Every time I feel my confidence slipping I look at my pictures to remind me I am beautiful!”


It’s worth every penny.

“It’s worth every penny. You feel so bad ass while you’re doing it and after when you get to see your pictures, your confidence will be overflowing. It’s one of the most fun experiences you will ever have and you’ll want to do it over and over.”


You won’t feel sexualized.

“(WMNKND’s) commitment to an environment of absolute consent is deeply important and works to move sexualization into sexual empowerment. It truly puts the power in the hands of the woman being photographed, and attacks the core of the patriarchal ideas that women’s bodies belong to everyone but themselves.”


Take up space just as you are- you deserve it.

“Don’t overthink it. Don’t focus on being sexy or sensual or anything that isn’t “you.” However or whoever you are, that is enough. Show up as her. You are enough and your confidence will shine, and that will be empowering and freeing. Take up space and realize you deserve it.”


You don’t need a reason.

“Do it even if it feels hard – the hard stuff is what teaches us the most. Don’t wait for some specific time or goal to be met, because you are enough just as you are.”


Use this opportunity to lean into who you are.

“Mikaela was genuinely interested in learning about my personality and my story to coax out my best self, and she gently clarified whenever I got confused with her direction. It didn’t take long for me to feel at ease with these ladies, and they were all about adapting to my comfort level and building up my confidence. Their minds were so open while we chatted, and we geeked out over so much as we hopped from topic to topic. I left the studio with a strong bond of sisterhood and a renewed sense of hope for my future. (After my session) I leaned further into my ownership of my own sexuality and how I chose to express it. I even got bold enough to start posing for nudes with my husband at home!”


You’re going to see more photos that you like of yourself than ever.

“I was so so nervous that I would put all of this time effort and money into this experience and not like my photos at the end. But I had the opposite problem! Narrowing down my final photos was so hard because I have never EVER in my life liked so many photos of myself.”


You’ll see yourself as a whole instead of picking apart perceived imperfections.

You are perfect how you are now, you’ll look back on the photos and thank yourself. I feel more confident. Instead of focusing on the cellulite or the wrinkle. I am looking at myself saying “ok bitch, you look great today!”


Your photos won’t be over edited or airbrushed.

“I also appreciated that you don’t airbrush. I wanted to see myself as I really am, not a retouched photo.”


Be ready to be proven WRONG

“Getting to see my photos at the end helped to know what I’ll be getting and how I looked! Seeing them really changed my view in 30 seconds! I couldn’t believe how I looked and now I can’t wait until I get them all back! Any time I feel down about myself I’m going to look back at my album and tell myself that I’m wrong!

(Since my boudoir experience) when I’ve looked in the mirror, I’m not just thinking about the number the scale says, I’m seeing my curves and how beautiful my body actually is. You will thank yourself the next day, next month, and especially in the next years! I would recommend this experience to every women out there! Any insecurities you have are wrong and this was an amazing way to prove myself wrong.”


Nerves are normal.

“I was nervous before my session, and even considered cancelling altogether. You are worthy of this experience, and you absolutely deserve to have this experience. I see myself in a different light, and feel more confident in everything I do. I can’t wait to get my photos back and be able to flip through them to boost my confidence again! From the moment I walked into the studio, I felt welcomed. The WMNKND team made sure to explain every step to me and listened to my suggestions. Seeing all the poses before I tried them was really nice. My hair and makeup were absolutely beautiful, and Kelsey was able to bring my vision to life. The WMNKND team made this experience so easy and exciting.”


You won’t feel like a sex object.

“I loved feeling like a beautiful human being instead of a sex object like some boudoir session I’ve seen seem. This is truly a wonderful experience.”


You don’t need to invest in new lingerie.

“Also, just be you for the shoot. I thought about buying new lingerie or was worried about being “sexy” in advance. Instead, when I made the decision to embrace the things that feel most like me (like wearing underwear I’ve had forever and know I feel good in), it lifted a stress off my shoulders and allowed me to get images I love. There’s no right way to do boudoir, and Mikaela will help you creatively incorporate whatever you’d like to do.”


Being “photogenic” doesn’t matter.

I love going back and looking at these recent photos. I’m so bad at taking pics and so amazed by how great I look simply because of the right angles they were taken from. You will love the outcome and leave feeling so energized and good about yourself!! It’s a great self confidence boost!! And I loved being able to share them with my fiancé too!


Don’t hesitate- just go for it.

“Don’t hesitate, just go for it. There’s no need for you to lose the weight. There is no need for you to feel inadequate or nervous. The process is simple, and payment plans are perfect to find the right fit for you. I also really love that they offer the client closet fully to you, instead of you stressing over what lingerie to buy, especially if you’re like me and don’t own any! I highly recommend this experience because you’re going to be walking out feeling like the world is in the palm of your hand!”


You don’t need to change- you’re already enough as you are

“Let that inner goddess out–she’s begging for it! I’m so glad I didn’t wait until I had the “right” body (whatever that means). It was such a radical few hours of self-love and acceptance. I plan to do it again and again over the years as a fun way to document my ever-deepening love and respect for myself.”


It’s worth every penny.

“It was super interactive and really empowering. My personal interests and wants were taken into consideration every step of the way As a new mom, and someone who was hesitant to spend the money on it, I am thrilled that I took the leap. It was worth every penny to feel empowered and confident in my own skin. I’m still thinking about the preview I got and can’t wait to stare at the pictures constantly!”


You are worthy and deserving at every size.

“I knew I needed to love myself more. I’ve never done anything like this. It was my first time having professional photos taken of me. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been so I kept thinking, “Why am I doing this now?” Because I’m worthy and deserve to. I let go of that thought and did my best to embrace the experience as I prepped for the shoot. I felt the love as soon as I stepped into the studio. I felt sexy and beautiful and was comfortable in my own skin. I almost couldn’t believe how comfortable she felt.”


You’ll feel prepared with pre session resources.

“WMNKND sent so much information beforehand that I didn’t feel like I had any unanswered questions, mysteries, or concerns before walking in the door. I felt a little nervousness that comes with a new experience and moving outside of my comfort zone, but I knew from our conversation and all of the e-mails and communication leading up to the day that I was going to love the experience. 95% excited, 5% nervous! I loved all of the messaging, contact, information, and opportunities to connect prior to the session. As soon as I walked in the door, I felt relaxed and like I was just spending a fun day with friends. Something that for years felt so intimidating to me was simple, easy, fun, and exciting! You two are just beams of light and I loved spending the day with you! I think the whole flow of the day is perfect – the massage and getting to see the photos before you leave is such a great touch. I hope to stay connected to you both! Thank you again!”


You’ll wish you would have done it sooner.

“It was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with photography. I usually do not enjoy having my picture taken and don’t feel like I’m very photogenic. I was so nervous the night before but once I got to the studio and starting talking to the ladies, I felt at ease which was awesome. I honestly can’t believe I walked around and posed in lingerie in front of two people I’d never met. The whole experience from start to finish was amazing. I wish I had done it sooner! When Mikaela revealed the pictures to me, my first comment was, “Is that me?” I really thought it was someone else! I’m so glad I did it and I can’t wait to get my album and finished products.”


You will have a whole new view of your body.

“I was so scared to make myself that vulnerable, after 2 kids major medical problems and weight gain I have not seen myself as anything other than overweight, and unattractive. I was also afraid I wouldn’t know how to pose or look at the camera. I feel different now, I feel more confident as a person, as a woman, as a wife, even as a mother. I feel attractive for the first time in many many years. My body may not look like the ones on magazines but it has so many stories to tell and I cant wait to see what other stories are added. My advice would be if you are considering your own boudoir session STOP just stop considering it right now and just do it!! It will be worth every single second. It will give you a whole new view on your body and even just seeing you yourself as a person in a different light. If you can give others in your life second chances then why not give yourself a chance, who else could be more worthy of that in your life?”


You don’t need to change.

“I always struggled with how I looked due to growing up with social media being a big thing. I also suffered from an eating disorder for a long time. I wanted to finally see myself how my husband sees me and I never knew I looked like that. Man, Mikaela just has a wonderful natural happy energy that just puts you in a happy and confident mood from the minute you walk in the door. She made the experience so much fun and her little happy notes while she’s doing her thing. It made me smile from ear to ear; same with Kelsey. She knows exactly how to compliment the features you love about yourself (for example she noticed my freckles and asked if I liked them so she knew not to fully cover them if I didn’t want them to be). She is also just an OUTSTANDING hype women! She’ll be talking you up from the sidelines and it honestly just gets you to start feeling yourself even more! After seeing my photos and the whole empowerment experience, I’m looking at features and things on myself that I used to not like, so much different. I used to always worry if others were going to judge how I looked, and I always wished I looked different, but now. I couldn’t be happier to be me. To be in my body, to have my eyes, freckles, long legs. I don’t feel foreign in my own body anymore. I can’t thank you ladies enough for what you do.”


Don’t wait- you are a bad bitch just as you are.

“Just do it! Don’t wait until you lose those extra pounds or get that surgery or whatever it is. That’s what I was going to do, but I took a leap of faith and just did it and I don’t regret it 100%. Mikaela allowed me to see that I’m a bad bitch even with the extra weight that I’m self conscious about!”


You’ll see yourself without the distortion of body dysmorphia.

“I was concerned that I would look awkward or wouldn’t be able to do the poses correctly. I am very tall and clumsy so I didn’t know how I would actually look in the photos. Also, I have a few things about my body that I’m unhappy with and I was afraid that they would shine through in the photos but they didn’t. The girls were so amazing at hyping me up for everything. They kept making me blush complimenting everything! My eyes especially. People don’t normally notice those but they focused on that. Every time I did anything it was, “Gorgeous!”, “You’re beautiful!” And that was an amazing feeling. These girls are like the sweetest thing since sugar. So sweet they will give you diabetes. Lol. I feel like I actually see myself now. No more body dysmorphia and seeing myself other than how everyone else sees me. Best feeling in the world, truly. I feel like I’m ready to conquer anything! And be super hot while doing it.”


You’ll feel supported from beginning to end of the process.

“I watched WMNKND’s Instagram page for a little while and I saw how you spoke of each beautiful person that came in. That it was about empowerment and love and that shame has no space here! From the gorgeous hair and make up to the step by step posing to the wonderful massage and then seeing the pics that day – there was such a focus and attention to every detail! The emails beforehand prepping and giving advice, the calls to prep, I felt so supported from the minute I reached out to the second I left the studio and now beyond. I’m still riding high!! THAT experience is why I chose WMNKND. It sticks with you! I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life and the experience even more!!”


Don’t let nerves stop you.

“Don’t let the nerves stop you! I was anxious and nervous but when I really examined those feelings…they felt like the type of nerves that keep you on your A-game. Fun nerves, which I know we can mistake for dread and then that keeps us from taking the leap for ourselves. Watch social media to see how it all works and if it’s something you’re comfortable doing. Reach out to them with any questions or concerns. I promise they will help! The more I watched, questioned and learned the more I wanted that experience for myself. It all helped me make the leap and I’m so glad I did!!”


You’ll feel beautiful and celebrated.

“There are really no words to express how amazing my experience was with Wmnknd. The girls are some of the most compassionate humans I have ever met. They made me feel comfortable and more beautiful than I’ve ever felt before. Mikayla truly cares about and invests in each of her clients. She helps you focus on what makes you beautiful as an individual and celebrates that beauty. I left the studio with more confidence and self love that I was lacking prior. It was a life changing experience for me, as I have finally been able to find myself beautiful to the core.”


You will feel safe and comfortable.

“Mikaela and Kelsey at WMNKND are a dream team and anyone considering a boudoir shoot should absolutely go here! From the pre-shoot guidance to the post-shoot massage, you are pampered, celebrated, and made to feel like a work of art. I’ve been in predatory boudoir shoots before, but I was safe and comfortable the second I walked into the WMNKND studio and only grew more confident throughout the process with the hyping up from the team.
I would recommend WMNKND to anyone and especially those who have had lackluster or predatory experiences with boudoir before – these ladies will completely replace any negative experience with a day of pampering and total celebration of YOU and everything about you, not just your appearance!”

You’ll be guided throughout the experience- demonstrations included.

“I am usually self-conscious of my body, but this was a different story. I just saw a beautiful woman that Mikaela was able to capture for me! She was a great “hype woman” and played fun music while I was there. Just was a blast from start to finish. She gave me pose recommendations and showed me exactly what to do for each shot. It is out of my character to be naturally sexy, so it helped when she showed me what to do and helped direct my session, because I needed the guidance! I highly recommend WMNKND Boudoir! I will be back to do more shoots in the future!”


This was the best gift I could have given myself.

“My boudoir experience with Mikaela and WMNKND was the best gift I could have given myself! Mikaela is dedicated to her craft and was quick to respond and answer any questions or concerns I had leading up to my appointment. Mikaela takes great care to make her clients feel uplifted and empowered. From offering hair and makeup ahead of the shoot to showing me exactly how to pose for photos and ending the session with a massage while she did quick edits, it was such a thoughtful and comprehensive experience. Mikaela is a truly talented photographer and WMNKND brings the best in boudoir to Kansas City.”


You CAN do this.

“This was my very first boudoir session, I’ve always saw beautiful women in front of the camera and of course I didn’t believe I could do that – BUT I finally got up the nerve and I DID IT. It was such an amazing experience Mikaela makes you feel beautiful and so relaxed – she was also so very professional with a ton of patience for me, she made sure I was comfortable with every pose . After receiving the photos my jaw dropped and so did my husbands! I look amazing !!! this is honestly the best Photoshoot i have ever.”


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