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Boudoir can be a fun and powerful way to improve your self confidence! I’ve heard a lot of women over the years say that they wish they had the confidence that our clients have. That they would love to work with WMNKND, an intimate Kansas boudoir photographer, for their own self love photoshoot but they end up talking themselves out of it because of their own personal insecurities. 

I’m so glad that wasn’t the case for Shelby. She experienced the same nerves and “I can’t believe I’m finally doing this” feeling that I’m pretty sure all of our clients have. She was afraid of being vulnerable, feeling uncomfortable, and not liking her photos.

But she showed up for herself the day of her self love photoshoot. She kept an open mind and trusted WMNKND’s Kansas boudoir empowerment team. She was rewarded for stepping outside of her comfort zone with improved self confidence and a new appreciation for her body. 

But don’t just take it from me, read more about how Shelby improved her self esteem and confidence in her own words:

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Why did you originally reach out about your own self love photoshoot?

An anniversary gift to my husband for our 1st year of marriage but also for my own self confidence.

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What concerns did you have before booking your boudoir experience and working with an intimate photographer?

Before doing the shoot, my biggest concern was just coming out of my shell and being confident in my body. There’s no where to hide when you’re not wearing clothing to cower into. All of your scars and insecurities are just flailing about in the wind.

What was your experience like at our Kansas boudoir studio?

It was AMAZING! So comforting, no judgment, and an all around safe space. It was nice having someone help with your insecurities, listen to you and make you feel worthy of yourself. Plus, there’s so much laughter with the team. It really lightens the tension you have when you’re first coming in.

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Do you feel like you’ve improved your self confidence?

My view of myself has changed. Of course, years of putting myself down doesn’t go away automatically. But, it was the amazing start I needed to heal myself and I hope that it keeps improving.

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Any advice for others wanting to improve their self confidence and book a self love photoshoot?

DO. IT! I have no regrets after the shoot. There’s so much that you gain that can’t be put into words. I wish I could go every day! Haha

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I wish I could tell everyone that confidence in your body is NOT a requirement before booking your own self love photoshoot with an intimate photographer. If you are seeing the photos we post on instagram and reading this blog thinking that these women have something you don’t- you’re WRONG. 

We all suffer from our own insecurities and often let them hold us back. The only difference between you and the women you see in our Kansas boudoir studio is that they chose not to let those pesky insecurities and self doubt hold them back any longer. They decided to take action to improve their self esteem and confidence

It’s time to challenge those insecurities. 

Put that self doubt to rest. 

See yourself the way you deserve. 

Improve your own self confidence with a self love boudoir experience.

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