Elizabeth’s Boudoir Photos: Holding Nothing Back

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In celebration of turning 30 this year, Elizabeth finally booked the boudoir session that had been on her mind. She wanted to lean into her sensuality and feel more confident.

In the studio, she and Kelsey collaborated on a gorgeous natural glam makeup look. And then she picked these three HOT lingerie pieces from our VIP Client Closet that would match the sexy, sultry aesthetic she was going for. She brought in pleasers from home and they paired perfectly with the outfits she chose.

Throughout her boudoir experience, we chatted about embracing who we are and doing things for ourselves that make us feel good. Kelsey and Elizabeth bonded talking about their adult dance classes (and convinced me that I really need to give it a shot too).

These conversations inspired a lot of the poses and angles I chose for Elizabeth. I wanted her to look back on her photos and not only be reminded of her boudoir experience, but also this season in life.

Before even leaving the studio, we were talking about ideas for her next boudoir photo session with WMNKND. I’m talking more pleasers, more plants, AND A POLE!

I am thrilled to have Elizabeth back in the studio in just a few months! Stick around to see what we create next!

Why did you choose to do a boudoir session?

I had wanted to do a boudoir shoot for a really long time but wasn’t sure if it was worth the investment. I wanted to do it to help boost my confidence and self-worth, and after doing it I realized the investment is totally worth it!

What were your biggest concerns about your boudoir session?

I didn’t have a lot of concerns about the session. I was slightly nervous because I had no idea what to expect but was put totally at ease by Mik and Kelsey. They made the experience so fun and exciting.

Ultimately, why did you choose WMNKND Boudoir? 

I chose WMNKND over other boudoir studios because I really liked the way they presented themselves on social media and their appreciation for women’s bodies. They aren’t about photoshopping yourself to look unrecognizable, rather enhancing your true self in the right poses, right outfits, etc. I also really liked the vibe of the studio in images I had seen – love the plants, brick wall, etc. and was excited to take pics there!

Describe your personal experience working with the WMNKND team, please.

Mik and Kelsey were great! From the moment I got there to when I left I felt like we bonded really well. They were easy to work with and made me feel super comfortable.

Has anything changed since your session? 

I have gone back to look at my photos here and there and they definitely give me a nice confidence boost. When I’m having a bad day at work or just feeling a little down it’s nice to be able to be like “yeah I did that sh*t and I look so good!”

Any advice for others considering their own boudoir session? 

Just be yourself. It may be easier said than done but bringing your full self and holding nothing back will make you feel so sexy!

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