Jenna’s Bridal Boudoir Wedding Gift

bridal boudoir photos with veil and wedding shoes

Jenna wanted an unforgettable wedding gift for her husband: bridal boudoir photos. She wanted a gift that would knock his socks off on their wedding night AND 20 years from now. Bridal boudoir photography has been around for ages. And for good reason. It’s not only a gift to your soon-to-be-spouse but also for yourself.

Bridal boudoir photos are a great way to get more use out of your wedding accessories. You’ll love looking back and reminiscing on this period of your life for years to come. And your partner will be reminded just how lucky he/she/they are. 😉

Jenna wants anyone considering their own boudoir session (or bridal boudoir!) to hear this: “Just do it! It is THE BEST confidence booster! If you’re not doing it as a gift, you should do it for yourself. No special occasion needed. This is a good thing to do for your mental health as well. Releases good endorphins 😁❤️🔥”

Read more about her bridal boudoir photo session below. ⬇️

black and white bridal boudoir photos with wedding veil
classic black and white bridal boudoir photos with veil

Why did you choose bridal boudoir photography as a wedding gift for your fiance?

It’s the best wedding gift by far! I’m able to showcase a good amount of photos with this option. Afterwards, he’ll get to choose his favorite picture, which I will then get a bigger metal print for him!

bridal boudoir photography with wedding veil from true society as wedding gift
bridal boudoir photos with true society veil

What were you most excited about when booking your latest session? How did this compare to booking your last boudoir experience with WMNKND?

I was very excited to see my progress with my weight loss/muscle growth journey. Sometimes when you take weekly progress pictures, you can lose sight of how far you’ve come. So I’m very excited to see that. My last session, I was heavier and through that session helped me love my body at my heaviest…and I still love those pictures regardless of how much weight I’ve lost. I can very much appreciate both sides and I love my body no matter what size I am

wedding gift bridal boudoir with engagement ring and bella belle wedding shoes
bridal boudoir outfit white bodysuit

How did you decide what bridal boudoir outfits and accessories to bring in? Which were your favorites?

I 100% wanted to bring the bridal aspect in my boudoir outfits because of the specific gift (bridal boudoir photo album) I’m giving, so naturally I wanted to tie in my wedding accessories like my shoes from Bella Belle and Veil from True Society.

The other pieces I adore because they made me feel sexy. Black and greens are always my go to as they bring out my eyes! The green is also our wedding color. And naturally, I brought in a jersey because that is yet another surprise for my future husband. He has no idea I bought it for him so I can’t wait to have him unwrap that once he has seen the pics!

Can’t say I have a favorite bridal boudoir outfit tbh because they all made me feel amazing! If I HAD to choose, probably my 1 piece Black Teddy. Love the detailing on it!

wedding gift boudoir with savage fenty baroque set
sexy black and white boudoir photo in black savage fenty baroque set by kansas city photographer wmnknd
savage fenty baroque set bridal boudoir photo session

How are you feeling about your bridal boudoir photography experience now?

I feel confident!! From the sneaks that I saw on camera (before editing) I just know I’m going to love every single one! I cannot wait to see them all! He’s surely going to just die when he sees these!

sexy bridal boudoir outfit from savage fenty
savage fenty boudior outfit

When do you plan on gifting your album? What feelings do you get when thinking about your fiance opening your boudoir photo album for the first time? How do you think he’ll react?

I plan to gift at the end of the night when the party is all over. I think that’s the best time so he is alone and I can see the reaction on his face. I get so giddy thinking about it! I’m sure he’ll love them all! 

chiefs mahomes jersey boudoir for wedding gift
best wedding gift for kansas city chiefs fan boudoir in mahomes jersey
boudoir in jersey for football fan husband wedding gift
sexy wedding gift for chiefs fan
body builder bikini contest boudoir
boudoir in green amazon outfit
boudoir as wedding gift for husband
mirror boudoir photos by kansas city boudoir photographer wmnknd
neon light boudoir photos by kansas city photographer wmnknd
sexy neon light boudoir photography kansas city boudoir
neon light boudoir photo with engagement ring
shower boudoir photos by wmnknd
boudoir photography shower set in leavenworth ks

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