The Best Places to Shop for Boudoir Lingerie

lingerie for boudoir photo session

Are you shopping for lingerie for your boudoir photo session? Are you having a hard time narrowing down your options or are you worried that the lingerie you pick won’t photograph well?

After photographing hundreds of women and hundreds of lingerie brands, I’ve found that not all are created equal and some are definitely better for boudoir photography than others. I have compiled my top 10 best boudoir lingerie brands and stores for all body types and all budgets. Check out my recommendations and start shopping for your empowering boudoir photo session! plus size boudoir lingerie


price range: $$$

size range: XS-6X

I initially fell in love with because of their inclusive sizing and gender fluidity. You can see at a glance on their website that they are for all genders and all bodies (I freaking love when companies represent all different types of bodies).

I first snagged a couple of outfits from here when I wanted to further extend our client closet and plus size boudoir lingerie options- a pretty lavender mesh number and a dark green lacy one as well. My excitement grew when they arrived and I could feel the quality of their stretchy materials. I love having outfits in the VIP Client Closet that fit multiple sizes so as many of my clients can use them as possible. Forgiving materials are also something that I look for in my personal closet as my body can change vastly depending on the time of month (and I don’t like letting clothes take up space that ever make me feel like shit).

green torrid plus size lingerie set photograph by boudoir photographer wmnknd


price range: $$

size range: M-6x

Torrid is another store with inclusive sizing, specializing in plus size lingerie and fashion. They have a lot of different styles with new releases all the time. They are one of my go-to’s for our VIP Client Closet. Unlike some other plus size boudoir lingerie stores, they offer fun prints, color options, and details that you can use to really express yourself during your empowering boudoir photo session. Plus, if you like to shop at a brick and mortar store, they have locations all over the country.

photo from Hey Mavens website, not taken by WMNKND

Hey Mavens

price range: $$$

size range: XXS-10X

Hey Mavens is the most inclusive sized brand on our list! If you are looking for comfortable plus size lingerie, don’t skip this one! Their bras and undies are ethically made and fun! I love the fun colors, prints, and materials they use. If you aren’t already following this small business on instagram, you should. I think I love their content as much as I love the outfits that our clients have bought from them for their boudoir photo shoot. They are another company that is easy for me to get behind for the diversity they represent!

parade underwear color block bright colors lingerie and blue gradient bra and panty set


price range: $

size range: XS-3X

Parade was my first experience with a sustainable and ethically sourced lingerie brand. They have fun, casual, and spicy lingerie- and as of spring 2023 are now offering swimwear! This company gives me all the good feels and creative sparks. They have a 1% giveback programs that supports access to sexual education, reproductive rights, gender-affirming therapy, and more for people across America. Parade is slowly making appearances in one of my favorite stores -Target- nationwide. Be on the lookout! Or shop online and use discount code “WMNKND” for 20% off your order.

thistle and spire black boudoir lingerie set

Thistle and Spire

price range: $$$

size range: XS-3X

If you are looking for sultry lingerie for your sexy photo shoot, you’ll find it at Thistle and Spire. Bring the heat to your boudoir photo session with lingerie featuring flames, marijuana leaves, tigers, and more. All of their lingerie is very photogenic (photographic?) so you seriously can’t go wrong. This brand is at a slightly higher price point but still affordable for most budgets. Especially if you are purchasing lingerie for a special occasion like your honeymoon, romantic getaway, or empowering boudoir session!

best boudoir lingerie adoreme green bra and underwear set


price range: $$

size range: XS-4X

Adoreme offers representation of multiple body types and sizing that ranges from XS-4X. They also have a VIP membership program for those of you that enjoy treating yourselves to new lingerie on the reg. The VIP membership also makes their outfits even more affordable. With lots of options in different styles, pretty much anyone can find something from here that represents their personality and/or makes them feel beautiful.

savage fenty boudoir lingerie bodysuit and 3 piece set

Savage Fenty

price range: $$

size range: XS-4X

Who doesn’t love Rihanna? Savage Fenty is her lingerie brand that also offers an exclusive membership/subscription option (and sizing up to 4x!). I actually use their subscription service to continuously add more new lingerie to WMNKND’s VIP Client Closet. It’s affordable, makes my individual purchases cheaper, and reminds me to treat myself every now and again! They have options from sporty to very sexy to fun and flirty. New styles are being added all the time and I never have an issue finding boudoir lingerie that I can’t wait to photograph.

mesh lingerie from yandy


price range: $

size range: XS-4X

Yandy is a very budget-friendly option for boudoir lingerie! They have lots of styles and different materials (mostly stretchy and by now you know that that is music to my ears). If you are just purchasing lingerie for your boudoir photos and don’t want to spend a lot of $$$ (or use our client closet), I highly recommend checking them out. Even with the small price tag, I have found that these outfits photograph well and seem to fit accordingly! At minimum, you can snag a bunch of lingerie on the cheap and be certain that you’ll have good options for your boudoir session.

photo from Bluebella website, not taken by WMNKND


price range: $$$

size range: XXS-2X

Bluebella is considered a luxury boudoir lingerie brand. They sell extremely photogenic lingerie that now goes up to 2x! While they are one of the higher priced brands on our list, they are SO worth it. You will feel like a billionaire goddess wearing their lingerie. I like to recommend Bluebella to those looking for bridal boudoir lingerie- it’ll photograph well and you’ll love wearing it on your honeymoon. They also feature a 10% off discount code when you first visit their website so be sure to get in on that!

photo from Playful Promises website, not taken by WMNKND

Playful Promises

price range: $$$

size range: S-3X

Playful Promises is another brand that has very photogenic lingerie that is perfect for an empowering boudoir photo session. They have outfits with lots of detail but are not too expensive. I love the styles they carry for straight size and plus size lingerie. Playful Promises even carries a “Betty Page” collection if you want to lean into a vintage pinup style for your boudoir session!

Want more recommendations on boudoir lingerie for your empowering photo session? I have created a Boudoir Lingerie Master List with over 30 lingerie brands that I use to stock our VIP Client Closet and love to photograph! You can download it here.

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