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When Ashley came into the studio for her empowering boudoir session, she was just like most other women who step foot in our doors: a little nervous.

It’s perfectly normal to have nerves about your boudoir shoot.

But here’s the thing: you don’t wait until you already love your body to book a boudoir session, you book a boudoir session TO love your body more.

People ask me if these sensual photo sessions are empowering, and I wish I could shout it from the rooftops that they absolutely are!! Our Instagram is full of women who have felt major transformation from their sessions, no matter how nervous they were beforehand. We never get tired of seeing it happen in front of our eyes!

Ashley is no exception. She came to the studio with a vision to have an empowering boudoir session to embrace and celebrate her feminine side. We created a custom flower arrangement just for her and used it with several of her outfits. We also did some spicier outfits so she had variety (I’m always a fan of fishnets!)

Ashley, thank you for choosing us for your empowering boudoir session! We loved watching you own what a baddie you are in the studio!

Woman in green lingerie for an empowering floral session
Woman in green lingerie and studded heels on a bed for boudoir shoot
Woman in green lingerie for sensual shoot with WMNKND studios in Kansas City
Woman in lingerie with a flowers for her empowering floral session
Woman with red lips holding a tulip in her mouth
Brunette in lace lingerie by WMNKND boudoir studio in Kansas City
Woman wearing fishnets and lingerie sitting on a bed for empowering boudoir session
Woman in heels, fishnets & black lingerie on a bed for sexy photo shoot
Woman in lingerie lying on a bed at boudoir studio in Kansas City
Woman with a tulip stuck in her lingerie for empowering floral session
Woman in white tee with new bra and red underwear by Kansas City Boudoir Photographer, WMNKND
Lady pulling off her tee shirt on a bed in photo studio for sexy shoot
Topless brunette on a bed for empowering floral session in KC
Woman holding large bouquet of flowers nude on a bed
Woman with flowers tucked into her underwear for empowering floral session
Nude woman lying on a bed with yellow flower petals all around
Topless woman on a bed with flower petals all around her
Nude woman covering herself with a sheet by Kansas City boudoir photographer, WMNKND
Woman holding a daisy up in front of her face for a sensual session

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