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Outfits Other Than Lingerie | Kansas City Boudoir Photographer

There are so many outfits other than lingerie you can wear to a boudoir session! I chose a variety of examples below that show different outfits, and also how you can add your own spin on your session. Remember you can always use our client closet or bring your own (or both!)

Basically: your boudoir session can be anything you want it to be! Whether you have roller skates, or your partner is a country man and you want to bring his cowboy hat! Or you have your girlfriend’s flannel you were able to sneak away from her to get some spicy shots in!

These sessions could be empowering sessions that are for your eyes only, or they’re a gift to your partner. Either way you get to make it whatever you want!

I’m here to guide you and give you all the resources you will need to make this session not only comfortable, but personal. Wearing outfits other than lingerie during your session is also a fun way to tell a story! We can start with as much clothing as you have and take it all the way down to as little as your comfortable with.

Your boudoir experience is important to us here at WMNKND. We are here to guide you every step of the way in any way you’d like!! And don’t forget, you are a worthy. Always.

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