Euphoria Inspired Boudoir Photos

Kansas City boudoir cantiq lavender lingerie

This Euphoria inspired session was so much fun to photograph here in the studio. We went with a soft, purple sheer lingerie set from the client closet to start before moving to more black, edgier looks. But everything she wore was so complimented by her incredible makeup, all Euphoria inspired.

Her eyeshadow was several shades of bright colors with by small jewels across her eye lid. I was obsessed, it was beautiful. Euphoria is such a popular show right now, it was cool to bring in elements and give subtle nods to the vibe of the show.

We started out shooting on the bed, in the purple set of lingerie. She absolutely killed it, trusting me with each new pose and movement. After that set, we moved to the leather couch and shot through the plants to create a VIBE. She also switched into a strappy black lingerie set, which was stunning on her. At the end we threw on a black tee with cute underwear to capture that chill laid, back vibe and stay with the Euphoria inspired theme.

When I asked her how she felt during her shoot, she told me: “Felt like you and I became instant best friends and you also made feel at ease. Not once did I feel uncomfortable or awkward.” YESSS this is what I want for every person that steps into the studio. That review made me smile!

It was so much fun to create this look together! Thanks for trusting me with your intimate, empowering boudoir session!

Woman in purple lingerie lying on a bed for her Euphoria inspired boudoir shoot.
Woman with colorful make up and purple lingerie lying on a bed at Kansas City boudoir studio.
Woman in lingerie lying on a bed with jewels on her eyes for sexy photo shoot.
Woman in sheer purple matching lingerie for her Euphoria inspired sexy photo shoot.
Woman standing around plants in sheer purple lingerie for her sexy boudoir shoot.
Woman in purple lingerie lying on a bed for her empowering boudoir shoot in Kansas City.
Woman in matching set lingerie leaning over a bench for her sexy photo shoot at Kansas City boudoir studio.
Woman in colorful makeup and purple lingerie leaning against a bed for Euphoria inspired boudoir session.
Woman in black lingerie behind plants for a sensual photo session in Kansas City.
Woman in lingerie on a couch by Kansas City photographer, WMNKND.
Woman in black lingerie with colorful makeup for a Euphoria inspired boudoir session in Kansas City.
Woman looking in a mirror wearing lingerie and colorful makeup for a photo session in Kansas City.
Woman in tee shirt and underwear sitting on a bed in KC boudoir studio.
Woman with colorful makeup and black tee shirt for Euphoria inspired sexy shoot.

Lingerie: Cantiq LA (this piece is available in the client closet in both purple and green)
Hair & Makeup: Radiate Beauty

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