Gift for Military Spouse | Fort Leavenworth Boudoir Photographer

The ultimate gift for a military spouse! Boudoir. Lindsay had the most special boudoir experience with me. She came all the way from Korea to create these boudoir photos for her husband. She knew what she wanted, and the miles between her and I weren’t going to stop her from creating this ultimate deployment gift.

She wanted to add some of her husband’s military apparel (like his shirt and dog tags) to make this super unique and personal for him. We also used our goddess wings which remind everyone of the Victoria secret angel wings to the mix and a fierce red body suit! Lindsay slayed this session from the second she walked into the building. We both had visions in mind for these photos and the collaboration resulted in some incredible boudoir photos for herself and her husband.

I take pride in the boudoir experience we give our clients, especially when they travel this far to get to us. We wanted to treat Lindsay to the ultimate self love experience and create the perfect gift for a military spouse.

Thank you SO SO much to Lindsay for making the trip and trusting me to bring your vision to life! Reach out to start personalizing your own experience!

boudoir session wearing red lace body suit with thin straps
gift for military spouse session wearing lace red body suit on bed
laying on bed wearing lace body suit during gift for military spouse session
woman wearing lace body suit during boudoir session with fort Leavenworth boudoir photographer
fort leavenworth boudoir photographer with military spouse wearing lace blue two piece set
boudoir session wearing blue two piece with lace back
laying on the bed wearing blue lace two piece set with for gift for military spouse
fort leavenworth boudoir session for military spouse in Korea
Victoria secret angel wings during boudoir session for military spouse
military spouse wearing jacket for husband with fort leavenworth boudoir photographer
laying on bed in army jacket during military boudoir session
boudoir photographer at fort leavenworth with gift for military spouse
military spouse in boudoir session wearing husbands tags and army jacket
woman laying on bed wearing a black lace thong and crop top during boudoir session

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