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I am SO excited to announce that we are hosting our first ever mini shower sessions in the studio!!

These are always some of my girl’s FAV images, and they’re really fun to create. There is something so cool about using water & the shower set to create a sensual VIBE with your photos!

Here’s the deal: the mini shower sessions are going to be **ONE DAY ONLY**. I don’t offer minis very often, but I like to provide them occasionally. And if you’ve been waiting for a mini special, this is your chance!

Okay but what are the details for the shower sessions?

  • August 6th
  • Makeup Included
  • Guided 15 min sessions
  • 10 images included
  • personalized mobile app

ONLY 5 Spots available!!

Mini shower sessions for boudoir photography wearing red bodysuit with lace

If you’ve been nervous about trying a boudoir session, mini shoots are the perfect way to get your feet wet (yes, pun intended I couldn’t help myself!) – and have an empowering experience without the investment of a full session.

But these mini shower sessions are also perfect for my repeat clients too! If you have been in the studio and had your empowering experience, but are craving a little boost of the same good feels…this is for YOU! This is a perfect way to re-capture that experience and add some more spicy photos to your life.

So get yourself some new lingerie, book one of these sessions, and let’s make some amazing images together!!! Once the 5 spots are gone, the mini special is closed!

Fully nude mini shower sessions for boudoir photography in Kansas City
Mini shower sessions in Kansas City for boudoir photography with Kansas City boudoir photographer
Wearing white T-shirt in Kansas City boudoir studio
Red Medicare during fully nude shower boudoir with Kansas City photographer
White T-shirt in shower with black lace thong for empowering photo shoot
Black see-through thong and wet white T-shirt with curled hair in a shower set at photo studio

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