Mari’s Empowering Boudoir Experience

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Marisol and I connected on instagram nearly two years ago so when I saw her name hit my inbox, I literally did a little happy dance.

We met via zoom and talked about self expression, body acceptance, and what she was hoping to get out of her boudoir experience.

“I’ve always wanted to do one and finally was in a good place to do it! I can’t wait to see myself in some of the photos you have taken of other women.

She was a little concerned about posing and knowing what to wear for her boudoir photos. But I reassured her that I would be posing her literally from head to toe and demonstrating every pose before instructing her.

I sent her videos of our client closet so she knew what options were available and could plan what outfits she brought in around that. We ended up helping her narrow down options from the client closet because she found multiple pieces that she felt comfortable and confident in!

Mari and Kelsey collaborated on a GORGEOUS makeup look and decided to add a red lip towards the end of her session. I LOVE how the color POPPED with the neutral outfits!

We laughed, danced, talked about our favorite tv shows, and encouraged her to chase her dreams of entrepreneurship– all while creating these 🔥🔥🔥 images.

By the time we made it through 3 outfits, the white sheet set, some floral add-ins, and our shower set, we all felt like we’d been friends forever.

She went into a relaxing massage with Kelsey, and I went to work editing her photos so that she could see them before she left our studio.

Then came my favorite part- THE SAME DAY IMAGE VIEWING. 😍

She LOVED how her photos turned out!! And was SO HAPPY she purchased her FULL DIGITAL COLLECTION.

Picking just 3 images from the 120 I showed her during her reveal for a series of metal wall art proved to be the biggest challenge of the day.

I’m STOKED to see what they look like when they come in! And Mari is already dreaming of her next boudoir experience.

You can read more about Mari’s boudoir experience below.

And see some of her NSFW photos on our brand new Patreon account here!

Why did you choose to do a boudoir session? 

I’ve always wanted to do one and finally was in a good place to do it! I can’t wait to see myself in some of the photos you have taken of other women. This is a power move for me! I hope to achieve a new level of confidence.

What were your biggest concerns about your boudoir session?

I was concerned I wasn’t going to love my outfits and I wasn’t going to know how to pose, but Mikaela had a great selection in her closet and provided great instructions during the shoot!

Ultimately, why did you choose WMNKND Boudoir?

I’ve been following WMNKND on social media for a while, I knew I would love the content!

Describe your personal experience working with the WMNKND team, please.

I had such a great time with the team! Getting pampered during hair and makeup was incredible and the reveal left me speechless! The photo shoot was so much fun and the massage was sooo relaxing. The photo reveal ALSO left me speechless and I can’t wait to get my wall prints!

Has anything changed since your session?

My positivity towards myself has improved already 🙂

Any advice for others considering their own boudoir session?

DO IT. What a terrific experience!

Want to see more of Mari’s NSFW photos? Check out our brand new Patreon account here!

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