What is Boudoir? | Kansas City Boudoir Photographer

What is Boudoir? To WMNKND it is self acceptance and self love.

A boudoir shoot is an opportunity to reset your body image and see yourself in a more honest & kind light. Yes, you might be wanting a sensual shoot for your significant other (who doesn’t want to treat them every now and then!?) but ultimately you’re the one being vulnerable and putting yourself out there.

So it should be about you. About your body for yourself. It’s a reminder that your body is worthy. As it is, today.

At WMNKND boudoir, we are here for you. At all times, from all angles. It’s about you.

You are worthy.

Something to remember also, is what boudoir is not. Sometimes there is fear or hesitation on booking because you’re not sure the limits & boundaries of these sessions. Let me reassure you that taking boudoir images is not the same as erotica images. Those are beautiful in their own right, but that isn’t what we shoot here at the studio. Our sessions are are all about self expression and finding your inner power again. Not over-sexualized images that make you feel like an object.

So don’t let that fear hold you back from feeling empowered, sexy and confident again.

Women wearing black lingerie with gold chains during the boudoir session
Women fully nude during boudoir session with Kansas City boudoir photographer
Woman in boudoir wearing bodysuit at boudoir studio
Older women boudoir wearing black heels and maroon suit in boudoir studio
Older woman wearing blue lace bodysuit with boudoir photographer
Mash and lace lingerie at boudoir studio in Kansas City with colorful make up
Boudoir session with women wearing lace lingerie and Victoria’s Secret angel wings
Boudoir woman wearing maroon bodysuit holding a guitar in studio

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