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Stretch Marks and Cellulite in Boudoir Photography

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Stretch marks and cellulite- OOOOO TABOO, amiright?!

Someone, somewhere (no doubt a man) decided that stretch marks and cellulite were something we are supposed to be ashamed of.

Have boobs, a butt, curves, and babies- but ladies, please no stretch marks. LOL

As a boudoir photographer who has photographed countless women butt nakey, I’m here to tell you that 93% of women have cellulite ( and 80% have stretch marks (

Could you imagine what it would be like if we normalized stretch marks and cellulite? After all, the statistics prove that it is NORMAL. Maybe little girls would grow up not feeling like their body was ugly. Maybe you wouldn’t be so worried about having a “bikini bod” and you’d be more worried about making sand castles on the beach. You definitely wouldn’t be worrying about stretch marks and cellulite when it comes to your boudoir session.

I’ll always photograph cellulite and stretch marks in all of their glory. I tell all of my clients that I have no problem editing out a blemish or bruise, but if it’s on your body for more than a week, it stays. I wouldn’t be doing my job (just in case you forgot what that is- it’s to empower you to love yourself and celebrate body positivity), if I determined which aspects of your body were worthy of being documented. It’s not my place. I accept you for who you are, and you should too.

I know we’ve focused on an entire blog post about cellulite and stretch marks but I want you to remember one thing: they’re just a small part of your body. That’s all. Give no more meaning or power to them than you would a freckle or a hair. It’s just this little thing that’s a tiny part of one incredible thing: you.

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