Nude Photography: Taboo? Or Totally Transformative?

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Professional nude photography has been around since, well as long as photography has been around. And even before photography was around, nudity has been celebrated in other art mediums. The naked form has been an inspiration for many artists.

Unfortunately our current culture has deemed nudity = sex. We’re told from a young age to cover up and not wear “suggestive” clothing. Basically, we’re made to believe that our bodies are for someone else’s enjoyment. And that being naked is taboo.

Because of this, we felt shame about our bodies. Told that they are for “your future husband” only. We were told not to take pictures of our naked bodies. Some of us (🙋‍♀️) didn’t even know what our naked bodies looked like for years. Consequently, shame keeps us from embracing who we are and feeling good enough.

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I’m here to tell anyone that will listen that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I believe it’s worthy of celebrating.

I believe that:

Our bodies are vessels.

Our bodies are worthy.

Our bodies are instruments.

Our bodies are art.

Our bodies are our home.

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And that’s why I want to flip the script. Reframe your mindset. And above all, empower you to feel comfortable and confident with your nakedness.

Because you can gain a lot from being nude more often. Here are just some of the benefits of artistic nude photography and just being naked in general.

fine art nude photography by Kansas City boudoir photographer WMNKND

Artistic nude photography will help you feel more comfortable in your body.

The more time you spend naked, the more confident you’ll be. And when you see your body celebrated in fine art nude photography, you’ll realize that your body is ART.

With all of its curves, softness, and signs of a lived life (wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, etc.), you’ll come to realize that your body has always been there for you.

After all, your body is your home. And it’s the only one you’re going to get. Life is too short not to feel comfortable in your own body.

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Posing for nude photography helps you reconnect with your body.

In the WMNKND boudoir studio in Leavenworth, KS, we’ve created a boudoir experience that will show you how beautiful your body is (and always has been). But we took it a step further and implemented principles from trauma informed care and somatic experiencing as well as life and wellness coach certification to create an all-encompassing self love experience that connects your body, mind, and spirit.

The artistic nude photography poses that we will guide you through are not only meant to show you your reflection in a new light- they will also help you reconnect and pay attention to your body. You’ll be guided through a therapeutic process designed to bring awareness to your body. Bringing more value to posing for nude photography than you probably thought you’d get from a boudoir photo session. 

My hope is that even after you leave the studio, you’ll have some new grounding techniques that will allow you to continue working on that connection between your body, mind, and spirit. And the messages your body has been trying to tell you for years are finally heard and respected.

artist nude photography by Kansas City boudoir photographer WMNKND

Professional nude photography will help you feel more confident in your clothes, too.

After all, if you can feel confident naked, you can feel confident in any clothes you put on your body. 

After seeing yourself in these photos, you’ll realize that your body was never the problem. The next time you have a bad body image day and nothing seems to fit right- you’ll have the proof that your body is worthy in your nude photography confidence boost receipts (AKA wall art, albums, vintage viewfinder, etc.). When you look back at these photos and see your body displayed as art, it’s pretty easy to remember that your body is beautiful and worthy of your acceptance and respect.

I see a lot of shifts in confidence AND wardrobe choices after our clients’ boudoir experience with us. They tend to wear better fitting and more comfortable clothes. Even showing more skin than ever before. They aren’t as concerned about hiding their bodies any more. Finally, they truly embrace who they are and opt for clothing that makes them feel GOOD about themselves and their bodies.

fine arts nude photography by Kansas City boudoir photographer WMNKND

Embrace vulnerability. 

Obviously being vulnerable feels scary. For many that haven’t experienced safe relationships or environments, it may even feel like a lack of control or weakness. 

Prove to yourself that you can step outside of your comfort zone and be rewarded for it. When you take that initial step outside of your comfort zone, it may seem intimidating. But then you’ll realize that your comfort zone has grown with each new step.

By allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you are allowing the authentic you to live, to breathe, to be seen. Finally, you’ll realize that you are enough- just as you are.

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Improve your sex life.

When you see photo after photo of yourself celebrated through fine arts nude photography you’ll feel more confident in your body. Likewise, this confidence will follow you and impact many areas of your life– your sex life included.

You won’t worry about turning off the lights or trying to cover yourself up anymore after you see yourself the way your partner sees you. 

Push away negative self-talk and the thoughts that hold you back from the pleasure you deserve and that your body is built for. Sex will become more about passion and feelings than aesthetic and performing. 

You know how they say confidence is sexy or sexy is a state of mind? It’s true. Without a doubt, your partner will notice too.

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In conclusion, there are a ton of reasons to embrace your naked self through a nude photography experience. From boosting your self esteem to reconnecting with your body by posing for nude photography to immune system benefits.

Nudity isn’t inherently sexual.

Nudity isn’t a sin.

And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

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Now that you know the benefits of nudity, I want to encourage you to spend more time naked at home. See how it feels. Clean naked. Bake naked. Watch TV naked. Practice poses for nude photography in the mirror. Then pay attention to how your body feels as it interacts with your safe environment.

You deserve to feel comfortable in your body.

Safe in your body.

At home in your body.

Confident in your body.

professional nude photography in Leavenworth Kansas

Are you ready to embrace your body and see yourself the way you deserve- a beautiful, capable, and strong human being?

See and FEEL the benefits of nude photography for yourself. 

Reach out today to start planning your all encompassing self love boudoir experience.

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